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Jack Rosenberry

Ph.D., University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
B.S., M.A., Syracuse University

A former chair of the department, Jack Rosenberry had a 22-year career in newspaper journalism before joining the Fisher faculty in 2002 to teach the program's journalism courses.

He teaches the journalism sequence, with his main teaching responsibility focused on the department’s required course on multimedia content production.

Rosenberry’s research focuses on online-only community news sites, often referred to as hyper-local news. He has published extensively and given presentations on that topic.

An avid news junkie, Rosenberry serves on the editorial boards of the Newspaper Research Journal and Community Journalism, and has held national leadership positions in the Association for Education and Journalism in Mass Communication (AEJMC). Locally, He is a board member locally for the Rochester Media Association and the Rochester chapter of the Irish American Cultural Institute.

In 2015-16, Rosenberry served as director for a national research project co-sponsored by AEJMC and the Kettering Foundation. The project examined the ways in which journalism can address problems of democracy by supporting the process of citizens working together to solve shared public problems


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