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Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Florida
M.A., University of Amsterdam
B.A., University of Toronto

Ronen Shay teaches courses in advertising, business communication, and media management. His academic interest include exploration of the specialized knowledge necessary to successfully apply new media technologies to the workflows of traditional media firms, as well as the economic benefits and downfalls that can occur as a result.

Dr. Shay’s research is focused on contemporary challenges in the field of media management. He has published papers on windowed distribution strategies, pure play distribution, media branding, and tablet adoption.

Dr. Shay has presented his research at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), and International Communication Association (ICA) national conferences, as well as the University of Zurich’s media branding symposium and the 11th World Media Economics and Management Conference in Rio de Janeiro. He has received top-paper awards from the Management, Marketing and Programming division of BEA (2015) and the Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship division of AEJMC (2013-2015).

Dr. Shay's experience includes project management roles at Rogers Communications and North by Northeast. He also has worked in that capacity at Random Sounds, a freelance concert production service he co-founded that successfully served clients in the Greater Toronto Area. He also holds professional certifications in project management (PMP) and digital communication.


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