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Assistant Professor/Laboratory Experience Coordinator
Anthony Corigliano

Registered Pharmacist


B.S.Pharm., Northeastern University (MA)
B.S., SUNY Geneseo

Professor Corigliano brings almost 30 years of pharmacy practice experience to the School as a past leader, advocate, and instructor for how pharmacists in many different organizations and practice settings can enhance the quality of lives for the patients they serve. From his initial clinical training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, to his 17 years as assistant director and director of hospital pharmacy practices at Highland Hospital and St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, Mr. Corigliano has advocated that the profession of pharmacy has provided him with career opportunities that no other profession could have provided.

Prior to joining St. John Fisher College, for almost 10 years he broadened his experience by working in the pharmaceutical industry with Baxter Healthcare, the healthcare consulting industry, and ultimately in the healthcare information technology sector with Baxter and the Eclipsys Corporation, now part of Allscripts. Mr. Corigliano is experienced with a variety of clinical information systems, including the Lawson Materials Management, Eclipsys Medication Management, and Meditech Information Systems.

Through this broad base of experience, he has made many professional contacts and friendships that add exceptional value to the pharmacy program at St. John Fisher College and most importantly to the students in the Wegmans School of Pharmacy program.

Currently, Professor Corigliano serves as the Wegmans School of Pharmacy NYS Board of Pharmacy: Part III Licensure Exam Site Coordinator, APhA Immunization Training Certificate Program Site Coordinator, Wegmans School of Pharmacy Interprofessional Education Committee Chairman, and as a member of the TeamSTEPPS Master Training Team.

He has been an active member of the professional societies of the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists and New York State Council of Hospital Pharmacists and has been involved in a number of leadership and management organizations including:

  • Albany College of Pharmacy Adjunct Faculty
  • Voluntary Hospitals of America Northeast Region Pharmacy Advisory Council
  • Drug Topics Advisory Council
  • Amerinet Group Purchasing Organization National and Regional Clinical Advisory Committees
  • Amerinet National Executive User Advisory Committee

Mr. Corigliano has given seminars at the American Society of Health System Pharmacists Mid-Year Meetings, the Amerinet Executive Management Meetings, and presented poster presentations at the AACP Annual Meetings.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]