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Assistant Professor
Jeongho Choi

Ph.D., Rutgers University

Dr. Jeongho Choi is an assistant professor in the Management and Marketing Department at St. John Fisher College. He teaches international business/management courses, and has also taught International Business, Strategic Management (Business Policy & Strategy), and Principles of Management at Rutgers Business School and the State University of New York.

Before pursuing his career in academia, Dr. Choi worked in an electronic company manufacturing semiconductors (MLCC: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor), and was in charge of monitoring product quality and promoting process innovation. Having this industry background, he focuses his research primarily on research and development (R&D) activities of multinational corporations. In addition to this, his research interests include strategic alliance and its governance structure, and inter-organizational R&D collaborations. His work also examines the effects of communication and coordination mechanisms on the collaboration performance of alliances. His research has appeared in top tier journals such as Journal of International Business Studies and International Business Review.

Prof. Choi has been serving as a reviewer and a member of the Academy of International Business (since 2008), the Academy of Management (since 2013), and the European International Business Academy (since 2013).

His favorite pastime includes playing a classical and electric guitar, and stargazing. His lifetime interest remains in art and science.

Selected Publications

  • Choi, J. and Contractor, F. 2015. Choosing an Appropriate Alliance Governance Mode: The Role of Institutional, Cultural and Geographical Distance in Research & Development Collaborations. Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Choi, J. and Yeniyurt, S. 2015. Contingency Distance Factors and International Research and Development (R&D), Marketing, and Manufacturing Alliance Formations. International Business Review.