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Assistant Professor
Lipika Chablani

Ph.D., Mercer University
M.S., Campbell University
B.S., Mumbai University

Dr. Chablani comes to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a B.S in Pharmacy from University of Mumbai, India. After completion of her B.S. in Pharmacy, she moved on to pursue a Master’s degree at Campbell University, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, North Carolina. During her Master’s program she worked with the Research and Development team of GlaxoSmithKline (NC) to evaluate two Process Analytical Tools (PATs) to optimize granulation process for tablet manufacturing. She has successfully published a research paper in AAPS PharmSciTech journal on this collaborative thesis work. Dr. Chablani further graduated with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her Ph.D. dissertation was focused on formulation and evaluation of particulate breast cancer vaccines. Dr. Chablani owns publications in distinguished journals for her research work at Mercer University. She also completed the ACPE accredited Pharmacy Teaching Certificate program from Mercer University.

Dr. Chablani is involved in co-teaching following courses at Wegmans School of Pharmacy:

  • PHAR 3240 – Biosystems I
  • PHAR 3142 – Pharmaceutics I
  • PHAR 3242 – Pharmaceutics II
  • PHAR 4112 – Applied Pharmaceutics I (Course- coordinator)
  • PHAR 5510 – Independent Research Elective
  • PHAR 5515 – Applied Extemporaneous Compounding I (Course-Coordinator)
  • PHAR 5516 – Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Elective (Course-Coordinator

Along with teaching, Dr. Chablani has an active research laboratory focused on drug delivery systems, vaccines and cancer immunology. Dr. Chablani’s past and present research collaborations include Abbott Pharmaceuticals (IL), GlaxoSmithKline (NC), Bausch and Lomb (NY), iuvo BioSciences (NY), Pharmanza Herbals (India) and Emory University (GA). Dr. Chablani is also an active member of AAPS, AACP, Rho Chi and Phi Kappa Phi.


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