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Welcome to #Fisher2021

July 28, 2017

A student's first few weeks on campus, by the numbers.

Welcome to #Fisher2021 infographic illustrating content in news story.

Welcome to #Fisher2021

6 - Bring your planner because your first six weeks will be packed! Not only will you be getting used to classes, but campus is always busy with fun events ranging from musical acts to comedians to special Fisher traditions including the annual Courage Bowl.

50+ - The number of times we will ask you to "move to the right just a little" when we're taking the #fisher2021 class photo. (Trust us, it's fun.)

2,520 - We predict that your class will eat this many ice cream cones from the dining hall during Orientation alone. (Hint: we also have toppings.)

80+ - The number of times someone will hold the door open for you in your first 72 hours on campus. We promise.