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Two New Clubs Support Ambitious Students and their Finances

February 23, 2017

Students and faculty have been working together to initiate two new clubs in the School of Business. The Fisher Entrepreneurship Association (FEA) and the Financial Planning Club welcome students from the entire campus who are eager to work on their own business and those hoping to manage their finances prior to and upon graduation.

Kristian Khachadourian ’18

Kristian Khachadourian ’18

Kristian Khachadourian ’18, a business management major and president of the FEA, explained that the purpose of the club is to create an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset.

“Ideally, members will gain competency through experience in order to thrive in a dynamic world of business, or even start a venture of their own one day,” Khachadourian said. “I’ve always had the goal of starting my own business after school. I found that many of my colleagues and friends were also drawn to the possibilities of entrepreneurship.”

FEA plans to host is a “FishTank,” where members will be able to create their own business plan and compete with one another. The club is also looking to expand their connections among alumni and have them speak at club meetings.

“We value their experience and are eager to hear any lessons they could impress on developing entrepreneurs,” said Khachadourian.

“I always strive to enable student success,” added Dr. Mel Zuberi, FEA’s advisor. “My vision for the Fisher Entrepreneurship Association is to provide a platform for our students to come together, get involved in discussions among themselves, share their skills and experience with their peers, and spark ideas so that, going forward, Fisher students across the campus can exhibit their entrepreneurial spirit in all arenas.”

Trevor Benson ‘17

Trevor Benson ‘17

Financial planning major and president of the Financial Planning Club, Trevor Benson ’17 shared his enthusiasm for assisting others to understand their finances.

“Our club intends to benefit students from all majors as a whole, by helping students understand the importance of certain financial tools that will provide them with an enormous advantage in their personal life as well as when they enter the workforce,” he said.

Benson further explained that the primary goal of the club is to bring in professionals to talk about their career path, what they do on a daily basis, keys to being successful, and any advice they would like to share. The club also plans to host seminars that would be open to the campus, where either students or professionals present important financial planning topics that relate to 401(k)s, IRAs, life insurance, and other relevant matters for post-graduation.

“The Financial Planning Club has the potential to have an impact not only on its members, but also on the Fisher community and the wider community as well,” noted Dr. Patricia Wollan, the club’s advisor. “I look forward to helping the students channel their enthusiasm and creativity to educate and inspire as many people as possible.”

Students, faculty, or staff interested in getting involved with FEA can email Dr. Zuberi at and those interested in the Financial Planning Club can email Dr. Wollan at