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Teddi Alumni Look Back on the Dance for Love

February 8, 2017

With the Teddi Dance for Love celebrating 35 years this month, College News Highlights caught up with a few past chairs of the Teddi Dance to hear what songs got their feet moving, what their favorite memories were, and what they’d say to the 2017 dancers.

Chris Keyes ’10 performs the Hand Jive

Hear what Jennifer Wolford ’99, Dale Stoker ’06, Mary Ciesinski ’08, Stefanie Stanbro ’09, Chris Keyes ’10, and Briana Macaluso ’16 have to say.

Favorite memory

“My senior year, dancing with all my fellow seniors. I got to dance with my mom during the last hour, which was very special.” Dale Stoker

 “Watching my friend, Jeff, receive the first senior spirit award. He had been battling cancer, but he danced all 24 hours. The committee honored him and named the award after him in his memory.” Jennifer Wolford

“I turned 21 at Teddi 25. I was co-chair and everyone at the dance sang me ‘Happy Birthday.’ It wasn’t a ‘normal’ 21st birthday, but it was special and I loved it.” Mary Ciesinski

“The Teddi Dance for Love really showed me how important service is in my life and it helped develop that into something that will be with me forever.” Chris Keyes

Jennifer Wolford '99 attends a Teddi Dance with her family

Jennifer Wolford '99 attends a Teddi Dance with her family

What song pumped you up?

“The Hand Jive!” Jennifer Wolford

“’Eye of the Tiger.’ The siren signaling the run-in and the energy that the song brought to it was incredible.” Stefanie Stanbro

“’Rock Steady’ by the Whispers, which inspired quite possibly the greatest line dance in the history of the world.” Chris Keyes

“’What I did for Love.’ I instituted this to be the final song. I went around the dance floor as it was sung, and hugged and thanked each of the dancers. The musical, ‘A Chorus Line,’ was popular at the time, and that’s where the song comes from.” Dr. Lou Buttino

Favorite theme hour?

“Michael Jackson Hour, Latin Fever” Chris Keyes

“80s all the way!” Mary Ciesinski

“Camper Hour!” Jennifer Wolford

“Boy Band Hour. It brought back some of the best songs from when I was a child.” Briana Macaluso

Advice for this year’s dancers?

“Make new friends, have a ball, and dance like no one is watching. Make it the best one yet! Whoa Teddi!!” Stefanie Stanbro

“When your feet ache, and you want to fall asleep, just think about who you are doing this for. The children of Camp Good Days will appreciate every second of it. And don’t stop dancing!” Briana Macaluso

“Out of such sadness–the tragedy in the loss of Gary’s daughter and the loss of so many other beautiful young lives–so much love has come through. Enjoy your time and give it all you can … the more you put into Teddi, that much more you will get out of it.” Mary Ciesinski

“It is your time. Grow in love. Grow in friendship with others. Grow in knowing that what you are doing will bring a smile to children who you may never know or ever meet.” Dr. Lou Buttino