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Oh, the Places They're Going!

May 18, 2017

Each class brings its own set of unique qualities, camaraderie, energy, and flavor. But, the Class of 2017 has set the Fisher success bar very high, and each graduate has made an impact on the campus community and on Fisher history. Here, we hear from five recent graduates who are ready for their next adventure.

Madison Hornick

Madison Hornick
B.A. in English
Next stop: Cultural Ambassador, Fulbright Fellowship, Malaysia

When Candor, New York, native Madison Hornick studied abroad during her junior year in Athens, Greece, she had the opportunity to travel all over the country, as well as Istanbul, Budapest, and Vienna. That same year, she volunteered for the College’s JASY Team trip to Kingston, Jamaica where she worked along her peers to run a sports camp for underprivileged youth.

“Being able to serve the community and make an actual impact made me realize I could do more than just travel and learn,” said Hornick. “I could help contribute to the world around me, transcending that gap from observant traveler to participatory member.”

With a B.A. in English, and minors in business management and visual and performing arts, along with her love of travel, she pursued an opportunity that would bring all of her skills and passions together.

In a meeting with her English advisor, Dr. Jim Bowman, an idea was born. “We were looking at my class schedule, pondering my future, and I mentioned that I was interested in the Peace Corps or some type of service outside of the country before ’building a career’ in the U.S.,” recalled Hornick.

Bowman suggested the Fulbright Program as an option, and sparked Hornick’s interest. Thanks to Bowman’s own Fulbright experiences, he was instrumental in guiding her through the steps to apply.

Hornick will embark on her Fulbright journey in January 2018. “I hope to expand my comfort zone by adapting and remaining open-minded, challenging myself to connect with a culture that is different than the one I grew up in, and simultaneously modeling the American values as an ambassador for our country. I want to connect with people and participate in a different lifestyle. But above all else, I aim to be there for the children that I’ll have the opportunity to teach, not only as a purveyor of the English language, but as a friend and connection that expands their knowledge and understanding of the world,” said Hornick.  

Looking ahead to her post-Fulbright career, Hornick said that traveling and being a contributing member of the global community is a dream that is near and dear to her heart, and a passion she hopes to continue to pursue.

James Flagler

James Flagler
B.S. in Inclusive Education
Next stop: Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Rochester City School District

Between athletics, service, and student clubs, James Flagler’s Fisher student résumé was extensive. He’s about to add to that list as he becomes a middle school social studies teacher in the Rochester City School District (RCSD).

A member of both the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society as well as the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, the inclusive education and history major completed fieldwork in six schools both in the City of Rochester as well as in surrounding suburban districts.

Flagler was also a member of the nationally ranked Cardinals football team and president of the Student-Athlete Mentors (SAMs), a student-athlete club that promotes service both on and off campus. Football memories are among some of his Fisher favorites.

“Winning the Courage Bowl in double overtime my junior year and winning with seconds left my senior year were the two best experiences I had at Fisher. The excitement and importance of that game is something that really makes Fisher a special place,” he said.

Flagler credits many faculty and staff members for his success at Fisher.

“Dr. Oliver Griffin is a riveting lecturer who engages students in content like no other. It has undoubtedly led me to be a better classroom teacher. In the School of Education, Jen Pluretti is a calming voice and an anchor; Dr. Joellen Maples is the type of professor that really pushes you to chase the great, and never settling for ’good enough’; and Dr. Linda Schlosser’s guidance on research and her exceptional planning allowed me to attain so much. And finally, Sara Shipley, with whom I worked closely as the liaison to SAMs, showed me what great organization looks like and was always a friendly person to talk to during stressful times,” reflected Flagler.

He learned of the RCSD position through word of mouth, thanks to his connections and colleagues in his fieldwork.

“I hope that in five years I can say that I have helped my students enjoy history, and helped them develop the skills required to be successful in high school, college, and life. I want to change the way people see ’city’ schools and I want to be able to give my kids the opportunity to grow and be the best version of themselves,” he said.

Alex Ormond

Alex Ormond
B.S. in Media Management
Next stop: Account and Marketing Coordinator, Launch Team, Inc.

As a student on campus, Alex Ormond could be seen at a meeting for the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association or the PRIMA Group, at a rehearsal for the Fisher Dance Club, giving tours to prospective students and their families, or serving as a writing tutor. Today she can be found in her new full-time gig at Launch Team, Inc.

The media management major and honors student came to Fisher with an eye towards majoring in media and communication. But when the Media and Communication Department introduced a new major in media management, she saw an opportunity.

“I was interested in both communication and marketing, so it was really a perfect way to blend both disciplines into one degree,” she said.

She built an extensive list of internships from her hometown of Jamestown, to Rochester, and Kansas City, Missouri, working at Jamestown Media One Group, Northwest Arena, the Dairy Farmers of America, and Roberts Communications.

She also had an opportunity to complete an independent study, something the College empowers every student to do. The study consisted of creating a marketing case for eBay, which earned her great experiences and an honorable mention in an international competition.

With graduation inching closer, the senior started reaching out to Fisher alumni in the industry. A Fisher graduate at Launch Team, Inc. helped Ormond land an internship at the company. Her impressive work through the semester brought her an offer for a full-time position after graduation.

For now, she plans to gain more experience and hopes to one day pursue a graduate degree. Ormond encourages future Fisher students to remember the power of networking.

“I felt that my classes and extracurriculars helped me prove myself in my internship, but I think that the strong Fisher alumni base often helps you get in the door. Everything is a networking opportunity and you never know where the next opportunity may be,” she advised.

Chelsea Sedlack

Chelsea Sedlak
B.S. in Nursing
Next stop: Registered Nurse, Surgical Intensive and Progressive Care Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital

Wegmans School of Nursing graduate Chelsea Sedlak has always loved working with people. So it was no surprise that in her second semester, she decided to pursue a nursing degree.

“I was drawn to all of the great opportunities I would have in my career. A nursing degree can really take you anywhere,” said Sedlak.

While a student, she was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society and served as the marketing and events coordinator for the Student Nurses Association. The Service Scholar was also involved as a Teddi Dance for Love Captain and Committee Member.

Through her clinical rotations, Sedlack worked at Highland Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester Psychiatric Center, and the Anthony Jordan Health Clinic. She was able to experience a variety of areas including pediatrics, labor and delivery, psychiatry, surgery, geriatrics, oncology, and family medicine.

“The program allowed me to explore so many different health care locations in Rochester. The ability to work at each of these locations helped me to decide where I wanted to apply after graduation as well as what different units are like,” she said.

When she started to look for jobs, she wasn’t certain where she would land. Originally from the Binghamton area, she was planning to apply to hospitals in Rochester, Syracuse, and her hometown. Her very first application to Strong Memorial Hospital brought an interview, job shadow, and an offer to work on the Surgical Intensive and Progressive Care Unit.

Sedlak has already started coursework towards an advanced practice degree and has an interest in travel nursing opportunities.

Her advice for future Fisher nurses?

“Keep going. Nursing school is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Every day you will be pushed harder, but with good reason. This program is preparing you for a successful and rewarding career,” she credited.

Vinh Luong

Vinh Luong
Doctor of Pharmacy
Next stop: General Pharmacy Residency Program, NorthShore HealthSystem, Chicago, Illinois

Vinh Luong had been a Fisher student for longer than most, as he completed his undergraduate degree at the College before entering the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

As an undergraduate, he was actively involved with the Biology Club and was a Science Scholar for two years before entering the pharmacy program, a profession he knew he wanted to pursue when he was a junior in high school.

During his pharmacy education, Luong served as the class historian for all four years which allowed him to pursue what he calls his “newfound love,” – photography. He also served as a tutor to his peers, helping with pharmaceutics, calculations, and labs.

His clinical rotations brought him to Strong Memorial Hospital where he worked in general medicine and pharmacy informatics, Thompson Health where he worked in critical care, Clinical Support Services in Buffalo where he focused on medication therapy management, and Rochester General Hospital where he worked in ambulatory care. He was also placed in Monroe Community Hospital and DANWINS Pharmacy in Webster, NY.

Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Luong moved to Rochester at the age of eight and considers both cities his hometown. Soon, he will have a third hometown as he heads to the windy city of Chicago for a one-year general pharmacy residency with the NorthShore HealthSystem. He is hoping that it will turn into a second year of residency as well.

“My first year will be a post-doctoral training in clinical pharmacy and the second year would be specialization in informatics. It’s a niche field which combines pharmacy and information technology to improve patients’ safety as well as being able to streamline care,” said Luong.

Of all his years at Fisher, Luong recalls his favorite memory as one that involves a service initiative with Habitat for Humanity.

“It was a fun and rewarding experience knowing that this house you help complete will one day have someone living in it,” he said.