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Six Biology Students Win National Research Grants

December 6, 2017

Six undergraduate biology students were named winners of 2017-2018 TriBeta Research Grant Awards. In all, the students will receive grants totaling $4,308 in support of their academic research at Fisher.

 Xayathed Somoulay, Joseph Kenney, Stephanie Brazell, George Roba, Erika Bravo, and Anthony Emanuel were named winners of 2017-2018 TriBeta Research Grant Awards.

The grants are given by the Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Research Scholarship Foundation, a national biology honor society which provides funding to undergraduate students conducting research through these competitive awards.

Both Xayathed Somoulay (Dr. Jonelle Mattiacio, mentor) and Joseph Kenney (Dr. Kevin Callahan, mentor) were awarded $900 each. Stephanie Brazell (Dr. Ed Freeman, mentor) was awarded $800; George Roba (Dr. Ed Freeman, mentor) was awarded $608; Erika Bravo (Dr. Maryann Herman, mentor) was awarded $600; and Anthony Emanuel (Dr. Fernando Ontiveros, mentor) was awarded $500.

This year signifies the largest number of Fisher students to receive the TriBeta research grants.

“TriBeta provides a platform for our students to engage with their peers at other institutions and the broader intellectual community,” said Dr. Noveera Ahmed, TriBeta faculty advisor and associate professor of biology. “Our students consistently win grants and awards on the regional and national level. TriBeta students are researchers, mentors, and leaders, on and off campus. And they complete these activities while maintaining the high academic standards that are required of all TriBeta members. We are all very proud of what they have achieved.”