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Fisher Faculty Member Engages in Fifth Fulbright Experience

November 9, 2017

In 2018, Dr. Merouane Lakehal-Ayat will travel to Senegal to work with the African Center for Management Studies (CESAG) through the Fulbright Senior Specialist program.

Dr. Merouane Lakehal-Ayat will travel to Senegal to work with the African Center for Management Studies (CESAG) through the Fulbright Senior Specialist program.

As a Fulbright Specialist, Lakehal-Ayat, a professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance in the School of Business, is a member of a roster of experts from across the country who are available to engage in short-term collaborations with institutions and organizations from more than 140 countries. His work with CESAG marks his fifth Fulbright experience; Lakehal-Ayat has also engaged in fellowships to Malaysia (2001), Poland (2002), Thailand (2007), and Mauritius (2015).

CESAG, which operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of West African States, aims to train future leaders in the areas of banking and finance in an effort to develop regional financial institutions and markets. The CESAG offers a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance (MBF); a bilingual program, it serves students from both French and English speaking countries across the continent. During his time working with the CESAG, Lakehal-Ayat will teach courses at the MBF on corporate finance and international financial relations, work with master’s-level students as they prepare their dissertations, offer workshops for industry professionals, and assist the program management team in building sustainable partnerships with U.S. academic institutions and identifying international partners.

“I’m extremely honored to have the opportunity to take my decades of experience and pass it on to a new generation of leaders in a region that has enormous potential for continued development,” Lakehal-Ayat said. “Although I greatly appreciate the clear recognition of my credentials from the prestigious institutions that include the Fulbright program, CESAG, and the U.S. Department of State, the satisfaction from this recognition is small compared to the unique chance I have to participate in the development of the financial sector in West and Central Africa.”

Lakehal-Ayat will join a roster of professors from institutions and universities including Banque de France, Bundesbank, Bank of Ghana, and New York University who have taught at the CESAG MBF. His first visit to the West African institution is scheduled for January 2018, and he’ll return again in May 2018 to continue his work.

A true educational exchange, Lakehal-Ayat said his Fulbright work provides him with unique experiences he can share with Fisher students through class discussions and case studies.

“Many of the lessons would not be easy for them to find elsewhere,” he said. “This is a key benefit of Fulbright awards which is often overlooked.”

Lakehal-Ayat has been a faculty member at Fisher since 1986. In addition to master’s degrees in international management, international relations, and business administration, he holds a doctoral degree in international finance and economics, all from the University of Denver. Lakehal-Ayat also earned a juris doctorate in business and law from the Algiers Business and Law School.