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Fisher Creed Turns 20 with Class of 2021

September 6, 2017

When the St. John Fisher College Class of 2021 signed the Fisher Creed during the annual Matriculation Ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 5, they added their names to a legacy well over 10,000 students strong.

A member of the Class of 2021 signs the Fisher Creed.

Adopted in 1997 and conceived and written entirely by Fisher students, more than a third of all alumni have signed the Creed, which speaks to the basic values and aspirations of students at the College.

Upperclassmen Leanne Maltese, Kelsey Michener, James Nguyen, and Nick Pino read the Creed to the incoming class during the ceremony, which marks the official start of the academic year for entering students.

President Gerard Rooney, who sat with students during the brainstorming sessions that led to the document in 1997, encouraged students to be active participants in the shared living and learning experience.

“The Creed guides campus life, articulates values that we share and hold dear, and expresses aspirations that lead to a welcoming and caring campus community,” he said. “Our campus community will only be as strong as you help us to become – I encourage you to take that obligation seriously and to fully immerse yourself in the life of campus.”

Michener, who is president of the Student Government Association, also addressed the students, challenging them to pursue their passions and live the values put forth by the Creed.

“Twenty years ago, Fisher students made a huge mark on our campus by creating the Fisher Creed,” she said. “I challenge you to use the values of the Fisher Creed as you work towards your aspirations here at Fisher. Make your mark on our beautiful campus by getting involved.”