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Sheila Brady-Root Given Pi State Achievement Award

October 4, 2016

Sheila Brady-Root, science events coordinator at St. John Fisher College, was honored with the Pi State Achievement Award, given by Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG), a professional society of women educators.

Sheila Brady Root

The award is presented each year to a member of the organization who has made an outstanding contribution to Delta Kappa Gamma at the state level. Brady-Root was formally recognized with the award during the 2016 Pi State Scholarship and Awards Brunch last spring.

A Delta Kappa Gamma member since 1988, Brady-Root, has seen the organization through several chapter changes, and is currently a member of her third chapter, Alpha Alpha. In all three chapters, she assumed responsibilities as an officer/committee member. In 2013, Pi State recognized her for her 25-year membership and as Alpha Alpha’s Woman of Distinction.

Over the course of her membership, Brady-Root has chaired or been a member of numerous state committees, including bylaws and rules, Native American grant-in-aid, and personnel and leadership development. She was elected to another term on the Pi State Educational Foundation at the 2016 annual meeting. She has attended numerous area council meetings, as well as international and state conventions. She presented at the International Seminar for Purposeful Living in Niagara Falls and the 2015 Pi State Convention. She has co-chaired a leadership development seminar for new presidents and one for committee chairs.

Brady-Root also was instrumental in arranging for Pi State members to earn professional development credit for DKG educational conferences and seminars. In 2012, she took on the daunting responsibility of serving as chair of the properties room for the international convention in New York City. As chair, she was also a member of the steering committee for the convention.

“She is the model of the outstanding woman educator Annie Webb Blanton had in mind when she founded Delta Kappa Gamma International,” wrote a nominator for the award. “Professionally and personally, she lives the principles of Delta Kappa Gamma International.”