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C-SPAN Bus Brings Election Season to Life

September 22, 2016

Students interested in the upcoming presidential election received an interactive look at government in action during a visit from the C-SPAN Campaign 2016 bus. The multimedia bus stopped by campus on Tuesday, Sept. 20, as a part of the television network’s New York tour.

Student Sam Call visits the CSPAN Campaign Bus.

Samantha Call ’17, a political science major, said the interactive features of the bus brought her course work to life.

“Everything that we saw could be connected to topics we have covered in class,” said Call. “In almost all of our classes, political or not, we are told that communication is a key to success.  The bus is a form of communication and is an example of effective outreach.”

Call also noted that initiatives such as the campaign bus underscore the importance of engaging in the electoral process.

“The bus helps us explore issues we care about and fills us in on the state of the election,” she explained. “It is also just a nice reminder that politics and communication are actually fun and interesting. For political science nerds like me, nothing is better than being immersed in the political process and seeing how things work.”

Students visit the 2016 Involvement Fest

The bus’s stop at the College coincided with Fisher’s annual Involvement Fest, which gave hundreds of students the chance to learn about the more than 70 clubs and organizations on campus.

Featuring games, giveaways, and food, the event let student leaders share information about club activities and recruit new members.

In addition to checking out the club and organization tables, students visited Lackmann’s farmer’s market and participated in a fire safety demonstration by the Brighton Fire Department.