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Bernard Ricca

Associate Professor
School of Arts and Sciences

Bernard Ricca

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistical methods
  • Complex systems
  • Teacher preparation
  • Science education
  • Math education
  • Educational change
  • Acoustics of musical instruments


Ricca received his doctoral degree in physics at the University of Michigan in 1992, studying the physics of musical instruments. He has published in the fields of musical acoustics, technology use in classrooms, and English teacher preparation and induction, in addition to his current research interests of complexity in educational research, teacher education, and STEM education.

Ricca joined the faculty at St. John Fisher College in September 2007, and is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences. In 2010, he became director of the Graduate Program in Mathematics, Science & Technology Education.

Prior to joining Fisher's faculty, he was a high school physics and mathematics instructor in Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas. He also served as an assistant professor of physics at the University of Dallas, an assistant professor of education at DePaul University, and an assistant professor of education at Dominican University.

He is the editor of Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education, and is a past chair of the Science Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.