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Language Placement Guidelines

Measure and document your foreign language experience for course placement or to fulfill the language proficiency requirement for your degree.

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Proper language placement is crucial to support your educational experience and to ensure your professional readiness. You will be placed in the appropriate courses based upon your level of language proficiency. If you wish to continue studying a language from high school, you are strongly advised to enroll in language courses during your first year to avoid the loss of foreign language structures. Please note that placement and transfer credit are not equivalent. Consult the Transfer Credit Policies for more information.

»Language Placement and Course Sequencing.

Language Placement Exam Requirements

For New Learners

If you have never studied another language before, or if you simply wish to study a language that is new to you, you do not need to take the Fisher language proficiency placement test. You may register for the Elementary I (111 level) language course of your choice. For a full list of languages and levels available each semester, please check the Course Search.

For Students with Prior French/Spanish Language Experience

If you have prior knowledge of French or Spanish, whether acquired at home or through previous studies, and intend to continue studying that same language at Fisher, you can take the free language proficiency placement test. Your results will identify the appropriate course level or may satisfy the language requirement for a B.A. degree. NOTE: No credit is awarded for taking this exam.

For Students with Other Language Experience or Seeking College Credit

If you have prior knowledge of any other language, whether acquired at home or through previous studies, you will take an approved proficiency test in order to identify the appropriate course level (if that language is taught at Fisher), satisfy the language requirement for a B.A. degree and/or earn college credits. NOTE: Exam fees may apply for this option.

If you have any questions, please contact the Language Proficiency Placement Test Coordinator, Dr. Luisa Cordaro-Mammano, at

Exam Process

Fisher uses the ACTFL Proficiency Placement Test (APPT) to assess your language skills in French and/or Spanish. The APPT is a computer adaptive, criterion-referenced test of reading and listening proficiency. The APPT is free for Fisher students and takes a total of 60 minutes or less to administer both sections. Results are aligned with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Guidelines for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced language abilities.

Consult the APPT website for details about format and topics. It also includes a comprehensive guide and a demo in English, French, and Spanish.

Request a Language Placement Exam

NOTE: No credit is awarded for taking this language proficiency test. Fisher offers several credit-by-examination options which are described on the website.