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Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements

In the Interdisciplinary Studies program, you will work with advisors to create an academic program that pulls elements from several of the College’s academic programs into a comprehensive whole.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

As an interdisciplinary studies major, you will develop a written proposal in consultation with two full-time faculty members outlining your goals, objectives, and methods of evaluation. Advisors should come from different departments.

  • Although you may choose this major when entering the College, you will ordinarily organize your detailed plan of study after completing at least 30 credits at the College.
  • The major program consists of at least 12 courses (36 credits); at least 50 percent of these must be completed at St. John Fisher College.
  • Approval of the advisors and the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences must be obtained no later than the point at which you begin the last 12 credits of the major coursework.
  • No more than two courses at the 100 level will be counted toward the major. The remaining ten courses submitted for the major must be at or beyond the 200 level and at least five must be at or beyond the 300 level.
  • Interdisciplinary studies cannot be used as part of a double major.
  • A minor declared by an interdisciplinary studies major may not include any courses already being used in the program designed for the major.

The Interdisciplinary Major Proposal form is available in the Registrar's Office.

Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

You may request an interdisciplinary minor which could include courses from a variety of fields. For an interdisciplinary minor, you must obtain the signature of your academic advisor and the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and submit a list of courses to be used (a minimum of six courses), along with a statement describing the goals of the minor. No more than one course required for the major may be used for the interdisciplinary minor. The Declaration of Minor form is available in the Center for Academic Advising and Support Services.

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.