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Courses with a Service-Learning Component - Spring 2019

Courses with a service-learning component can be found across all academic disciplines at Fisher. Some courses may fulfill requirements of the Core Curriculum, while others may count toward major or minor requirements.

Below are courses with a service-learning component.

Arts and Sciences

BIOL 101 - Environmental Issues – Michael Boller
Student will partner with WellVentions teen participants to develop resources to support community-based, sustainable entrepreneurial projects.

BIOL 108C - P4 Foundations of Nutrition – Jonathan Falanga (optional)
Students will assist Foodlink's Cooking Matters and create a healthy eating cookbook for Ronald McDonald House to improve access to good nutrition and affordable meals.

BIOL 206 - The Science of Aging - Jonathan Millen
Students will run Aging Games to assess and improve physical and cognitive health using biomarkers and education with Episcopal Home Valley Manor and Community Place.

CHEM 214 - Biochemical Systems – Kermin Martinez-Hernandez
Students will develop and implement problem-based lessons on biochemical systems in partnership with Nativity Preparatory Academy.

CHEM 316 - Analytical Chemistry Lab - Irene Kimaru and Kimberly Chichester
Students will conduct soil analysis for presence of lead for St. Mark's & St. John’s E.D.E.N Urban Gardens in Beechwood neighborhood

COMM 267 - Social Media Management - Arien Rozelle
Students will be developing a social media management campaign in partnership with CURE: Childhood Cancer Association

ENGL 359 - Technology Writing - Wendi Sierra
Students will conduct a website analysis using eye tracking software and create instruction guides focusing on HR needs for 13Thirty Cancer Connect & Mary Cariola Children's Center.

PSYC 281 - Learning - Laura Phelan (optional)
Students will apply behavioral learning plans for students at RCSD School #35 through the Seeds to Success resiliency education program.

PSJS 250 - P5 Social Change through Service - Lynn Donahue
Students will educate on resiliency and social-emotional skills using Seeds of Success program for RCSD #57 2nd grade class.

PHIL 230D - Philosophy of Education - Jane Snyder (optional)
Students will use educational philosophy principles at World of Inquiry First Niagara Mentoring Matters, Junior Achievement, Seeds of Success resiliency program at Maplewood Library and Ryan Recreation Center, and Prison Storybook Project.

POSC 211 - Introduction to Public Policy – Sebastien Lazardeux
Students will partner with Genesee River Watch and ROC the Riverway and engage in research on cities where the river fostered sustainable economic development of the city.

SOCI 221 - Helping Professions in Action – Pat Tweet
Students will work with children, adults, and seniors at CP Rochester, RCSD #35 through Seeds for Success, Pencils and Paper, Episcopal Home Valley Manor, and Wednesday Wellness.

SUST 490 - Sustainability Experience - Mike Boller
Students will partner with the City of Rochester Dept. of Recreation and Youth Services to develop projects to support the city's efforts to connect youth with nature and sustainability.


EDUC 226 - Foundations of Language and Literacy – Sue Schultz
Students will create and implement a language acquisition and literacy development project in partnership with VOA Children's Center and Mary Cariola Children's Center.

EDUC 302 - Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Social Studies – Kristen Love
Students will use social studies instructional methodology and social studies principles for RCSD School #57 2nd grade students through the Seeds of Success resiliency education.

EDUC 335 - Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - Kristen Love
Students will be developing STEM curriculum kits for RCSD #45 classroom and students.

EDUC 471 01 & 02 - Management in Inclusive, Collaborative Classroom Communities – Whitney Rapp and Kristen Love
Students will research and present topics of need for parents of children with exceptional needs through a partnership with Starbridge.

GCED 525 - Critical Literacy Social Studies - Kristen Love
Students will develop and provide play-based support for children and their families at VOA Emergency Housing.

ITED 228C - P3 Adolescent Development – Lucia Guarino
Students will provide mentoring, academic support, and college readiness education to young adults in the Post-Secondary Transition Program.


GMGT 694 - Capstone Experience - Derek Vanderlinde
Students will develop a comprehensive business plan for clients including 13Thirty Cancer Connect to facilitate their expansion to a second location.

HRMG 483 - Human Resource Management – Fernan Cepero
Students will conduct a human resource audit and needs assessment to address organizational challenges and formulate an implementation strategy for Mary Cariola CC.

MKGT 325 01 & 02 - Promotion Management – Ron Sicker
Students will develop a promotion plan to address operating needs for Hearth and Cellar, Port of Rochester Marina, and Kanack School of Musical Artistry.


NURS 312 01, 02 & 03 - Palliative and End-of-Life Care – Coates, Donegan, and Moscicki
Students will provide caregiving support and end of life care research to partners including Advent House, Aurora House, Isaiah House, and Webster Comfort Care Home.

NURS 429 - Population Health/Community Nursing – Kathleen Dever
Students will provide clinical care and research on issues of relevance for partners including St. Ann's, Friendly Home, Jewish Home, and Rochester Presbyterian Home.


PHAR 5501/ITDY 310 - Introduction to Medical Missions – Christine Birnie
Students will engage in either a medical mission trip overseas or a local health care project with health clinic St. Joseph's Neighborhood

PHAR 5526 - Introduction to Cancer Biology and Treatment - Amy Parkhill
Students will provide research and educational support for families and individuals impacted by cancer with 13Thirty, Hope Lodge, Breast Cancer Coalition, and Christopher's Challenge.