Sample Courses with a Service-Learning Component

Courses with a service-learning component can be found across all academic disciplines at Fisher. Some courses may fulfill requirements of the Core Curriculum, while others may count toward major or minor requirements.

Below is a sampling of recent courses with a service-learning component.

Arts and Sciences

CHEM 214 - Biochemical Systems
Students will develop and implement problem-based lessons on biochemical systems in partnership with East Rochester ES Helping Youth through Preventive Education program or Center for Youth after-school program at Urban Choice Charter School.

CHEM 315 01 & 02 - Analytical Chem. Lab
Students will conduct water quality analysis of local waterways in partnership with the Center for Environmental Initiative.

CHEM 412 - Advanced Topics: Chemistry
Students will conduct advanced water quality analysis of local waterways in partnership with the Center for Environmental Initiative.

COMM 267 - Social Media Management
Students will implement the social media component of the public relations campaign proposed by spring 2015 COMM students for the City of Rochester Bureau of Communications and Special Events integrating research, action, and communication.

COMM 377 - Advanced Media Relations
Students will collaborate with WXXI using traditional and integrated multimedia format to tell stories about local waterways focusing on history, tourism, ecology, and economics.

ENGL 356 - Editing and Publishing
Students will write and edit documents such as a brochure ready for publication, online newsletter, or blog in partnership with Water for South Sudan and Teens Living With Cancer.

ENGL 382 - Digital Literacies
Students will develop curriculum, provide training on-campus, and develop a manual on using Facebook for St. John’s elders.

PSJS 250 - P5 Social Change through Service
Students will provide life skills education to clients of Mercy Outreach Melita House, The Center for Youth AS program at Urban Choice Charter School, and Post-Secondary Transition Program.

PSYC 255 - Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
In partnership with the Health and Wellness Center, students will promote public health by using health behavior change theories to inform the development of intervention materials for use on campus.

PSYC 211 - Society and Mental Illness
Students will partner with the Psychiatric Center to create educational sessions on life skills development for clients with mental illness.

PSYC 200 - Research Methods and Writing
Students will survey and interview Carlson Commons families to collect baseline data for Catholic Family Center initiative to address poverty.

SOCI 322 - Sociology of Aging and the Life Course
Students will lead Life Story conversations with elders attending the course on aging topics and create reports for SAGE Senior Center/Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley.


ITED 228 01 - Adolescent Development
Students will provide mentoring and academic support to World of Inquiry students or Hillside/Wegmans Work-Scholarship Connection youth.

EDUC 440 01 & 02 - Collaboration for Inclusion
Students will research and present findings for parents of children with exceptional needs through a partnership with the Advocacy Center.

EDUC 226 - Foundations of Language  & Literacy
Students will create and implement a language acquisition and literacy development project in partnership with VOA Children’s Center.

EDUC 351 01 - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Mathematics, Science, and Technology II
Students will develop and apply an instructional project at partner PDS and provide individualized instruction to students in need of math and science support.

GEDU 500 - Critical Issues in Special Education
Students will conduct literature reviews and research on special education topics for Maplewood Library and/or Rochester Young Women's College Prep.

GEDA 567 - Effective Communication
Students will design a comprehensive public relations plan to address a data set and problem or opportunity established by school partner.


MKTG 221 01 - Marketing Principles
Student teams will develop a marketing plan to address a client's operating requirements e.g., promotion, target markets, and product/services with non-profit partners The Corner Place and others.

MKGT 325 01 & 02 - Promotion Management
Student teams will develop a promotion plan to address the client's operating requirements e.g., promotion, target markets, etc. for South Wedge Neighborhood small businesses Abode, Dragon Sweetie, and South Wedge Spirits and Wine and others.

GMGT 694 - Capstone Experience
Students will develop a comprehensive business plan for a community client.

GMGT 680 - Marketing Concepts and Strategies
Student teams will develop a marketing plan that is customer focused and competitive for a community client.


NURS 314 - Complementary/Alternative Therapies
Students will research and conduct informational sessions on alternative and complementary therapies to Mercy Outreach.

NURS 312 - Palliative and End-of-Life Care
Students will provide care giving support, advanced directive information, and end of life care research to partners such as St. Anne’s, Patrick Place, and Serenity House.