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Catholic Heritage
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1

Catholic Heritage Minor

The minor in Catholic heritage is designed to strengthen your understanding of the Roman Catholic religion, as well as its expression in the arts and sciences.

Unlike the College's religious studies program, which focuses on theology, the Catholic heritage program focuses on the intersection of faith, learning, and the liberal arts. The minor also encourages you to realize various intellectual foundations for one of Fisher's founding tenets, service to others.

As a multidisciplinary program taught at a liberal arts institution, the Catholic heritage minor is designed to demonstrate, intellectually and practically, how the arts and sciences play a key role in a Catholic person's daily life.

Program Overview

The program's curriculum is designed to help you:

  • Identify and articulate common themes throughout matters of Catholic heritage (e.g. faith and reason as a basis for understanding the teachings of the Roman Catholic tradition; the use of imagination in the study of theology; etc.).
  • Recognize and articulate some of these common themes as expressed in the arts, humanities, and physical and social sciences.
  • Explore at least one of the themes/reasons in an interdisciplinary capstone paper or project under the guidance of a suitable mentor.