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M.S. in Childhood/Special Education Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Childhood Education/Special Education is designed for candidates who have a bachelor's degree and who seek dual certification in childhood and special education for grades 1-6.

M.S. in Special Education Dual Initial Certification

The M.S. program includes 42 credit hours of coursework, field experiences, and student teaching as outlined below.


The number of credits is indicated in parentheses at the end of each course title. For courses with a field experience component, the number of hours required is also designated in parentheses.

  • GCED 522 - Research in Teaching, Learning, and Motivation in Childhood Education (3)
  • GCED 525 - Critical Literacy Through Social Studies (3)
  • GCED 531 - Field Experience I (0) (50 hours)
  • GCED 532 - Field Experience II (0) (50 hours)
  • GEDU 501 - Issues in Health and Safety (0)
  • GEDU 520 - History and Philosophy of Education (3)
  • GEDU 526 - Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling (3)
  • GMST 535 - Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (3)
  • GRDG 535 - Literacy Instruction for the Inclusive Classroom: Primary (3)
  • GRDG 550 - Literacy Instruction for the Inclusive Classroom: Intermediate (3)
  • GSED 501 - Inclusive Education in Today’s Schools (3)
  • GSED 502 - Methods and Strategies for Teaching Students in the Inclusive Classroom (3)
  • GSED 508 - Behavior Management in the Inclusive Classroom: Childhood (3)
  • GSED 515 - Educational Technology (B-Grade 6) (3)
  • GSED 516 - Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation of Students in the Inclusive Classroom (3)
  • GSED 555 - Field Experience III (0) (50 hours)
  • GSED 585 - Student Teaching Seminar: Special Education and Childhood (0)
  • GSED 590 - Student Teaching: Special Education and Childhood (6)

Total: 42 credits

Field Experiences and Student Teaching

Field experiences are required for certification and the master's degree. Candidates must successfully complete 150 hours of field work before student teaching. The semester long student teaching experience may be in any grade between 1st and 6th. It may or may not be in a high needs school/district.

To qualify for student teaching, candidates must:

  • Complete all degree requirements with the exception of GCED 522.
  • Complete all New York State teacher certification examinations.

New York State Requirements: Childhood Certificates

Candidates who are seeking the Childhood and Special Education Certificates must have an adequate knowledge base for teaching to the New York State Learning Standards. This includes coursework in humanities, communication, written analysis and expression, history, social sciences, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), scientific process, mathematical process, health, physical education, family and consumer sciences, and artistic expression.

Transcripts are reviewed prior to admission to determine adequate preparation for the program. Candidates with inadequate preparation will be required to take additional coursework prior to student teaching.

Note: The information here is provided for informational purposes only. For exact requirements as well as course descriptions, visit the Graduate Catalog.