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Pharmacy Residency Programs

St. John Fisher College pharmacy residents gain real-world experience as consulting members of health care teams in broad range of clinical settings.

Pharmacy Residents and Christine Birnie, Dean of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Residents and Christine Birnie, Dean of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy

The pharmacy residency program at St. John Fisher College prepares graduates to become competent clinical pharmacists through experiences in a variety of health care settings. Over the twelve-month residencies, participants will become proficient in the pharmacotherapy management of most chronic disease states, as well as areas of quality improvement and research. Residents will serve as members of diverse health care teams in collaboration with physicians, medical residents, advanced practice providers, nurses, social workers, and insurance enrollers.

In addition to clinical experiences, residents will have the opportunity to cultivate teaching skills through precepting in a variety of settings, including lecture preparation and didactic teaching. Residents will also be able to develop additional skills by participating in the teaching certificate program offered by the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

Residency Experiences

Residency experiences will be longitudinal in several locations across the Rochester and Syracuse areas, including the Rochester Regional Health System, the University of Rochester Medical Center, Wegmans, Upstate Medical University, and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Residents are also eligible to participate in a wide range of elective rotations based on their areas of professional interest.

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Additional Opportunities and Research

Participation in monthly journal clubs with medical residents, quarterly leadership and development workshops, and community service activities complement the resident experience. Residents will participate in at least one continuing education program and a minimum of two clinical conference presentations to health care professionals. Additional involvement in presentations may be requested throughout the year.

Completion of a pharmacy practice-related research project is required and results are to be presented at a state or national level professional meeting, as well as submitted for manuscript publication. Opportunities for involvement in additional research or quality improvement projects may be available.

Meet Our Residents

Fisher’s residency program aims to train a pharmacist to be able to practice at the top of their license in an outpatient clinical setting in either new or existing practice sites. Meet our residents below.

Amy Fabian, PGY-2
Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Resident
St. Joseph's Hospital
Residency Program Director: Dr. Lisa Avery
"As the current PGY2 pharmacy resident in infectious diseases at St. Joseph's Health I enjoy having a collaborative relationship with my residency program director, our antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist, and our infectious diseases physicians. This residency program is preparing me to develop antimicrobial stewardship initiatives, care for complicated infectious diseases patients, and develop learning experiences for training students and residents."
Amy Fabian
Jenna Fancher, PGY-2
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident
State University of New York at Upstate Medical University
Residency Program Director: Dr. Lisa Phillips
"My favorite aspect of this residency is the flexibility to customize/tailor the experience to my interests, while still acquiring foundational skills. My residencies have prepared me for a career providing direct patient care and education to a variety of learners including pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, and medical residents. Residency experiences not only aid in the development of my clinical skills/education, but also offer me opportunities to further my professional and career development. These opportunities include exposure to academia, practice management, leadership development, time for professional meetings, the ability to learn alongside other healthcare professionals, and much more."
Jenna Fancher
Joy Snyder, PGY-1
Community Pharmacy Resident
Wegmans Pharmacy
Residency Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth Sutton-Burke
"What I most enjoy about my program is the diversity of experiences offered throughout the year. I have many rotations at Wegmans including patient-centered dispensing, working with our specialty pharmacy, learning both corporate and store management, and working with our wellness programs. My knowledge base has increased and I feel that I have grown as a professional. During my residency, I have also been able to gain teaching skills and improve upon my self-evaluation skills."
Joy Snyder
Samantha Leistman, PGY-2
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident
Highland Family Medicine
Residency Program Director: Dr. Nabila Ahmed-Sarwar
"I love that my current role gives me a lot of variety, including direct-patient care, teaching, and research. This residency has helped me to be a caring and compassionate pharmacist who aims to treat the 'whole patient'. It has provided me the opportunity to apply what I learned in school and continue to grow my clinical knowledge in a real-world setting. Overall, the experience has helped me to develop into a confident, skilled, clinician and prepared me to be successful as I enter into the next steps of my career."
Sam Leistman
Patrick McCabe, PGY-2
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident
Rochester Regional Health
Residency Program Director: Dr. Alex DeLucenay
Patrick McCabe