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Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign

The 2018 Faculty and Staff Campaign, running October 23 to December 1, 2017. Your generous gifts and pledges demonstrate the strength of the Fisher community.

Students holding a

About the Campaign

Each year, faculty and staff have the opportunity to show how much we believe in the mission and vision of the College by making a gift in support of the annual giving campaign.

Gifts of all sizes make a strong and lasting impact on Fisher. Nearly 50% of gifts made to the faculty and staff campaign are less than $100. Whether it's $5, $50, $500, or more, your support truly makes a difference. 

Making your gift through payroll deduction is a convenient way to support the Faculty and Staff Campaign. Print and mail the Faculty and Staff Pledge Form [pdf] for payroll deduction.

Give Now

Where You Can Give

Gifts can be designated to any area of the College, including the 11 annual funds:

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Fisher Fund for Financial Aid
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • Wegmans School of Nursing
  • Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
  • Athletics
  • Student Life
  • Presidential Initiatives

Donations made in support of the area of greatest need provide the most direct and immediate impact to students. 

New This Year

The 2018 Faculty and Staff Campaign is held October 23 to December 1, 2017. Those who give during the campaign are eligible for weekly prize drawings, a grand prize drawing, and will enjoy the Donor Appreciation Lunch hosted by President Rooney on Tuesday, December 5. 

If you are already giving to Fisher or have made an ongoing/recurring pledge, thank you for your support! Your participation will be recognized at the Donor Appreciation Lunch. To be included in the weekly prize drawings or the grand prize drawing, consider increasing your gift or make a one-time outright gift.


Week 1 (Oct. 23-29): Free Lunch for a While ($100 gift card to Back Nine, $50 gift card to Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse, $25 gift card to DiBella’s Subs). Congratulations to Lynda Fuess!

Week 2 (Oct. 30-Nov. 5): Fisher Pride Package (Fisher Blanket, Fisher Hat, Fisher Supporter Bumper Sticker, Stress-Relieving Cardinal). Congratulations to Melanie Phillips!

Week 3 (Nov. 6-12): Night Off Package (one night stay at Woodcliff Hotel valued at $139). Congratulations to Melody Kuzniar-Giglio!

Week 4 (Nov. 13-19): Stress Relief Package ($50 gift card to Century, $25 gift card to Leo’s Bakery). Congratulations to Shaw Fellows!

Grand prizes were drawn and announced at the donor appreciation lunch. Congratulations to Tom Tyson and Mike Henchen!

Faculty and Staff Campaign FAQs

I already donated. Will my gift count towards the 2018 Faculty and Staff Campaign?

Thank you! If you have an active pledge or have made an outright gift during this fiscal year it will be counted as part of the giving campaign.

When is the deadline for my gift to participate in the Faculty and Staff Campaign?

You can pledge now to give at any time during this fiscal year (ending May 31) or make a one-time gift by December 1, 2017.

Simply go online to make a one-time gift or to set up recurring or perpetual giving via credit card, payroll deduction (see attached form) or by mailing or bringing a check to the Office of Institutional Advancement (noting the "Faculty and Staff" campaign in the memo line). If done prior to December 1, 2017, you will be invited to the Donor Appreciation lunch. Note: new payroll deductions will start in January of 2018.

I would like to contribute to the Faculty and Staff Campaign – what are my next steps?

The easiest way is to make your gift online.

If you'd prefer, please fill out the Faculty and Staff Pledge Form [pdf] and mail or bring the form to the Office of Institutional Advancement with attention to the Faculty and Staff Campaign. Note: please protect your personal information and send this form in a sealed envelope.

Why are faculty and staff asked to give to Fisher?

Faculty and staff are asked to support the College through this annual campaign because together our endorsement makes a difference for Fisher today and through the years to come. Your support also sends a powerful message of internal collaboration and showcases how our campus community truly comes together.

I can only give a small amount. Should I still donate?

Absolutely! Gifts of all sizes make a strong and lasting impact on Fisher. Nearly 50% of the gifts made to the annual fund are under $100. Whether you give $5, $50, $500, or more, your gift helps to advance Fisher's mission and promote student success.

How do I decide where to direct my gift?

With so many deserving areas in need of support, this can be a difficult decision. If you cannot choose, we suggest the Area of Greatest Need, as these gifts are directed to support the most immediate need.

Who decides how my gift will be designated?

You do! Gifts can be designated to any area of the College. Giving to one of Fisher's 11 annual funds is encouraged as they provide the greatest impact. The funds are:

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Fisher Fund for Financial Aid
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • Wegmans School of Nursing
  • Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
  • Athletics
  • Student Life
  • Presidential Initiatives

You are able to write in the designation of your choice on any of our giving forms by selecting the "Choose a different designation" option and filling in the text box.

Is my gift confidential?

Gift amounts are confidential and information is not shared with colleagues or supervisors. You may choose to make an anonymous gift through all methods of giving (online, paper form, etc.) and your name will be omitted from any donor listings.

Will I receive a tax receipt from the College?

All donors will be sent a gift receipt that should be retained for tax purposes.

Those that give via payroll deduction can find the gift amount on your pay stub. The IRS requires a copy of your pay stub and a signed pledge form to receive tax benefits.

If you have additional questions regarding your contributions or if you need a receipt, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (585) 385-5292. With additional questions regarding payroll deduction, visit

What if I have questions about my payroll deduction?

For questions regarding making a gift via payroll deduction, please contact the Payroll Department at (585) 385-8057.

What if my spouse works for a company that matches gifts?

Most companies with matching gift programs will honor donations made by a spouse. This means you are eligible to double the impact of your gift! If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Kelly Sudol at (585) 385-7294.

Annual fund donations help me achieve my dream of working at a TV studio! My family had to sacrifice so much to give me this great experience, but your generosity has helped ease the financial burden on them. I have learned so much about writing, film making, and public speaking in all of my classes. Thank you for allowing me to learn about the things I love. ”

Evan Bourtis
  • Evan Bourtis ’19, Media Management

Having a scholarship has allowed me to experience Fisher, grow as a person, and meet new people. It has positively impacted my future and I will never forget my time at Fisher. Thank you again. ”

Phinehas Jacques
  • Phinehas Jacques ’18, Nursing

I am very grateful for the opportunities your generosity has provided. I’m able to go to college in the United States thanks to those who support the College. Thank you! ”

Liga Kalnina
  • Liga Kalnina ’20, Biology