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Transfer Student and Faculty Profiles

Learn about the Fisher community from those who know it best – members of the Fisher family.

Students and faculty are happy to share their personal stories detailing how they came to the College, what they like best about life on campus, and why they think you, too, should choose Fisher.

Dr. Jason Berman

Professor, Department of Management/Marketing

Jason Berman

Jason Berman

Dr. Berman came to Fisher in the spring of 1980 as a visiting instructor of management, and has never looked back. Along the way, he discovered a capacity for connecting authentically with students, and he says that has been the culture of the College since he arrived.

He really enjoys watching the developmental transition that happens from freshman to senior year, and says there is "nothing more challenging or rewarding than to be able to promote that process by challenging young people to question and rethink who they really are and who they want to be."

Dr. Berman also believes the College has made an impact on the broader community through its service learning initiatives. But the greater impact of the College's commitment to service has been on the value of a Fisher education.

"Service to others is more than just something to put on your résumé. It is a way of life. Volunteerism adds meaning to your education and makes what you do during and after your college years matter. You learn that the true measure of leadership is not your list of personal accomplishments, but rather what you accomplish on behalf of others."

LaQuan Hounshell

Media and Communication Graduate

LaQuan Hounshell

LaQuan Hounshell

Media and communication graduate LaQuan Hounshell transferred to Fisher after spending two years at Monroe Community College. One of his professors at MCC recommended Fisher, and after a positive visit to campus, he was sold.

LaQuan quickly discovered and took advantage of the many extracurricular activities on campus. He became involved in Cardinal Television, Cardinal Courier, and Fisher Cru—organizations he credits for "lasting personal and professional connections and friendships." His involvement made him feel as if he had been at Fisher all along.

While at Fisher, LaQuan also interned at a local television news station.

His favorite thing about Fisher was the community and how helpful and supportive everyone was. He says his transition from MCC was seamless because he received a lot of help from people who made sure he had what he needed to succeed.

Deborah Jo Kummer

RN to BSN Online Program Graduate

Deborah Jo Kummer

Deborah Jo Kummer

Deborah Jo Kummer was part of Fisher’s inaugural RN to BSN Online program.

A full-time nurse, Deborah completed her undergraduate studies at Sullivan Community College, the State University of New York at Brockport, and Monroe Community College, and started working in 1981.

She was motivated to enroll in the program for a few reasons, and she was energized by the coursework. Knowing some of the Fisher faculty on a personal level was certainly helpful as well.

Deborah says that although she was challenged by the technology incorporated into the program—much of which was not available when she originally studied nursing—the support she received from the program’s faculty and staff made things “just come together.” For instance, she especially loved the online discussion boards, which allowed her to learn from people of all ages and walks of life.

Deborah’s favorite thing about Fisher was the premium placed on learning here. She feels as if “the process is just as important as the end product,” a philosophy that sets Fisher’s offerings apart from other programs.

Veronica Maraghi

Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate

Veronica Maraghi

Veronica Maraghi

After spending some time at another local college, Veronica Maraghi transferred to Fisher to continue her studies in childhood education.

But as any transfer student will tell you, things change. Once on campus, the native of Canada decided to broaden her educational focus, switching her major to interdisciplinary studies.

She credits the faculty and staff for her “smooth and seamless” transitions.

In fact, her favorite things about Fisher are the faculty and her fellow students, and how everyone is “always going the extra mile to help each other.”

Veronica won’t be going far after completing her undergraduate degree, as she plans to continue on at Fisher to pursue a master of business administration degree.

Ray McLean

RN to BSN Online Graduate

Ray McLean

Ray McLean

Ray McLean is a full-time RN at Strong Memorial Hospital, where he is the injury prevention and outreach coordinator for The Kessler Trauma Center. He also works as a part-time paramedic at Mercy Flight Central and Irondequoit Ambulance. The married father of three also volunteers as a baseball coach and is a board member for Penfield Youth Football.

Somehow, in the midst of all  that, he managed to make time to further his education as a  student in Fisher’s RN to BSN Online program.

Ray says he chose Fisher because of the Wegmans School of Nursing’s reputation and because of his initial outreach to the College, which he says was welcoming and very personal.

Also, with a schedule likes Ray’s, the online coursework and flexible schedule made the whole deal work for him.

Perhaps Ray’s favorite thing about the program was that he didn’t feel like just a number or a statistic. Rather, he felt like a student who could better himself and, in turn, contribute to the College’s reputation. 

Ray hasn’t slowed down since completing the program in 2015. He credits Fisher for helping him believe that he can achieve any goal he puts his heart into. 

Dr. Whitney Rapp

Associate Professor, School of Education

Whitney Rapp

Whitney Rapp

Dr. Rapp came to Fisher full-time in 2002 after serving as an adjunct instructor in 2001. She was immediately attracted to the collaborative, close-knit community here, and was impressed by how well the faculty and staff across campus knew each other and worked together, and how well they knew the students.

She calls Fisher a "nurturing place to be a faculty member," having found many opportunities to collaborate with colleagues as well as opportunities to continually improve and develop new courses, programs, and teaching methods.

Having had many students stay in her mind through the years, she recalls one student in particular who questioned things in a way that no student had questioned her before. Those questions challenged her to articulate her own experiences and the evolution of her dedication to full inclusion of all students.

"My job was not to change his mind or tell him my way was right, but to offer him a new perspective to consider," she says. "He was open to that new perspective and considered it deeply. We are both better teachers for it."

Rapp is continually awed by the endeavors and accomplishments of the education students, noting that Fisher is a place for students to get involved, be challenged, and grow. 

Dr. Todd Sodano

Assistant Professor, Media and Communication

Todd Sodano

Todd Sodano

A native of New Jersey, Dr. Sodano not only received his education in upstate New York, but decided to be an educator in the region as well, right here at Fisher.

The small classes at Fisher attracted him the most, since that affords him an opportunity to get to know his students and, in turn, they have an opportunity to get to know him.

Sodano teaches in the Media and Communication Department, but takes advantage of (and appreciates) events that happen in the broader Fisher community, including Fisher Players performances and the Teddi Dance for Love.

He summarizes the "Fisher student" as a respectful, hard-working individual who is interested in being active on campus and getting to know his or her professors. Sodano credits two Fisher students, who both moved to New York City to work in television after graduation, for inspiring him to continue to find opportunities for students who wish to work in the industry he cares for so passionately.