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Housing Selection Overview & Instructions

1. Complete the Housing Application & Pay the Housing Deposit

The housing application will be available on ResLife Online starting February 15, 2016 at 9 a.m. The $200 housing deposit can be paid by check or credit card on Fish 'R' Net or by cash or check at the Student Accounts Office. This $200 deposit will show as a credit on your Fall 2016 bill. Both the application and housing deposit are due by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 10, 2016. No extensions or exceptions.

2. Housing Priority Process & Commuter Selection Notification

Housing Priority Process

If we have more students that apply for housing than spaces on campus, we will have to use the Housing Priority Process. Applicants will receive notification on March 11 regarding whether or not we will need this process.

Commuter Selection Notification

Commuters will be eligible to participate in the housing selection process as spaces are available. We will email you on March 11 regarding whether or not we will have housing for commuters, and if not, your position in the Commuter Lottery for housing. For more information please see the Commuter FAQs.

3. Receive Your Housing Selection Number

The information below is what is used to determine your housing selection number:

Your housing selection Student Type is determined by your time at the College.

  • "First Year" = entered the College in the fall as a new freshman or in the fall or spring as a freshman transfer.
  • "Upper Class"= it is your second year at the College or you began either semester as a sophomore, junior or senior transfer.

Earned Credits are those that you have already received credit for at the College according to the Registrar's Office as of the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on March 10.

Housing Tiers are based on your time at the College and how many earned credits you have. Housing selection numbers are randomly selected using our computer program according to your housing tier.

Housing Selection Numbers determine the order in which rooms are chosen and are assigned randomly within your housing tier. Housing Selection numbers will be available on ResLife Online and by email no later than 4:30 p.m. on March 11.

Please see the chart on the right.

4. Room Type & Roommate Preference Form

This form is available on ResLife Online after you submit your housing application and until 4:30 p.m., March 16. On this form, you will be able to select a roommate(s) and form a group/pair for room selection. It is important that all students in a group/pair mutually request each other prior to the deadline.

5. Receive Your Time & Date to Select a Room

Date/time information will only be available to the designated group leader on ResLife Online and email.

6. Choose Your Room Online

If you cannot choose a room at your assigned time, you must choose someone to select for you. You will need to give them your information in order to act on your behalf in ResLife Online.

    Room Selection Instructions:

      Please note:

      If you do not submit your Housing Application and Housing Deposit by the deadline, you will be ineligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process. In order to receive a room assignment if you miss the deadline, you can sign up on the Housing Waiting List online starting April 11. If spaces become available during the summer, you will be contacted.

      If you submit your application and contract and pay your housing deposit, but you (or your group leader) do not choose a room during Housing Selection, you will be considered withdrawn from the Housing Selection Process. If you withdraw from the process for any reason, your deposit will not be refunded. Should you want housing, you must sign up on the Housing Waiting List starting April 11.

      Housing Selection Numbers

      Student Type

      Earned Credits

      Housing Tier

      Selection # Range

























      First Year




      First Year




      *Please Note: There may be large gaps between selection numbers. The computer randomly generates the numbers using a range of available numbers. Ex. - There may be only 60 UC1 who apply for housing but the computer will assign them numbers between 1-100.

      Group Selection Number

      For doubles, triples, connecting rooms and suites, your group selection number will be the average of the selection numbers of all of the students who want to live in the room. Students participating in housing selection without a roommate/group will use their individual housing selection number.

      Where Can I Expect to Live?

      Current Class

      Likely Available
      Residence Halls


      Including all students who entered the College as a first year this year.

      Dorsey, Michaelhouse,
      Murphy, Murray & Ward


      Dorsey, Keough,
      Michaelhouse, Murphy & Murray

      Junior or

      Dorsey, Founders,
      Keough, Michaelhouse, Murphy & Murray

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