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Club Column


Club Column

This week’s Club Column features Fisher CRU and Chemistry Club.

Fisher CRU

Q: What exactly does Fisher CRU do? How many members does the club have?

A: Fisher Cru is a club on campus that has worship, a game, and a message at weekly meetings. The messages are encouraging and help members get through the week with a positive attitude. The club’s mission statement is, “A caring community passionate about connecting others to Jesus Christ.” Fisher CRU has outreach events 2-3 times a semester where members volunteer in the community. There are about 60 members who attend Fisher Cru weekly - it’s a growing club!

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: The club meets every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Mainstage.

Q: What are some of the biggest events Fisher CRU is involved in?

A: The club had "Boo Cru," a Halloween party with prizes, games, and food. The last weekend in September was the Fall Getaway, which is a retreat held at the Long Point Retreat Center. The club joins CRU groups from other Upstate New York campuses, including Buffalo, Cornell, Albany, and others for a weekend of exploring Christianity, growing in faith, and making friends. In January, there is also the Epicenter Experience, which is held in Albany. The Epicenter Experience is four days long and includes guest speakers, great times of worship, and small workshops addressing more specific topics. There is also the Big Break, which is held in Panama City, Florida for a week.  Big Break gives members training and experiences to share the gospel back on campus. Most of the week is spent on the beach sharing faith and meeting others. Lastly, there is Summer Project. Some of the projects last the whole summer, and some last just a couple weeks. There are over 200 projects members can attend, from Haiti to Africa to New York City and so on.

Fisher CRU

Fisher CRU at the Relay for Life.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from your work?

A: Members of Fisher Cru do their best to maintain a positive attitude in their everyday lives, giving students at Fisher hope. All of the events are open to the public and anyone new can join!

Q: What are some initiatives Fisher CRU hopes to work on this academic year?

A: This school year, the club is planning to do RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) around campus, handing out snacks to the students. Stay tuned!

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: Email, or like the club on Facebook to receive updates!

Chemistry Club

Q: What exactly does the Chemistry Club do? How many members does the club have?

A: Chemistry Club aims to help chemistry majors (as well as anyone else) reach their career goals. The club offers opportunities for students to talk with professionals in the field, and also allows students to do community service and participate in events that relieve stress. The club currently has over 20 members.

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: Chemistry Club meets approximately once a month.

Q: What are some of the biggest events the club is involved in every year?

A: Chemistry Club is often involved with Relay for Life and Teddi by having teams for each event. This year, the club is holding a dinner on Wednesday, November 28, from 6:00-8:30 p.m. and is aimed to give students the opportunity to hear about professions, research, and internships that they otherwise would not have known about. This event will be aimed at chemistry majors, although all students are welcome. Five different professionals will be speaking about their experiences in the chemistry field including research and development, industry, academia, medical research, and pharmacy. Additionally, a couple of students will also be speaking about their internships and research experiences.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from the club’s work?

A: The entire student body benefits from the club’s work because everyone is allowed to participate in events which include community service and stress relievers.

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