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Wegmans School of Nursing Adds "Birthing Mother" Mannequin to Simulation Lab


Wegmans School of Nursing Adds "Birthing Mother" Mannequin to Simulation Lab

Last month, the Wegmans School of Nursing received its newest simulation mannequin—a birthing mother. The mannequin, "Noelle," is a high-functioning robot that can simulate different health conditions, which in this case are all related to labor and giving birth.

Colleges and universities all over the country are increasingly using simulation mannequins to educate future healthcare professionals. At Fisher, the Wegmans School of Nursing has built state of the art simulation laboratories to benefit its students.

With the addition of Noelle, the School of Nursing now has four high-fidelity simulation mannequins, including an infant, and also four low-fidelity mannequins. (The low-fidelity mannequins can only simulate basic functions, like blood pressure, heart rate, etc.)

Using these simulation mannequins, nursing students here at the College are able to practice their critical thinking skills to assess the needs of a patient, and try different options for patient care. Students are exposed to critical situations through simulation, and the lessons learned are invaluable. This clinical laboratory training is built into the nursing curriculum.

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