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Phone: (585) 385-8280
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Medical Services

Note: All visits to the Wellness Center are strictly confidential.

Sick Visits

For common illnesses including colds, flu, minor injuries, minor accidents, or other health care services, students may call the Wellness Center at (585) 385-8280 (voicemail available) and/or email a request for an appointment to Students will receive a callback as soon as the office is open.

Medical Excuse Policy:

The Wellness Center does not routinely provide excuse notes for students who miss class due to illness or injury. For more information, exceptions to the policy, and a sample email to send to your professor if you must miss a class, please review the full Medical Excuse Policy [pdf].


Blood Pressure Checks

The nurse is available to do blood pressure checks by appointment by calling (585) 385-8280.

DMV Eye Examinations

If a student needs an eye examination for renewal of their driver's license, they may make an appointment by calling (585) 385-8280 and the nurse will provide this service.

Tuberculin Skin Testing

PPD's are given in the Wellness Center for those students requiring this test for their clinical rotations. An appointment must be made by calling (585) 385-8280. The test must be read within 48-72 hours by the nurse in the Wellness Center. If the student does not return within the required time frame for this reading, the test will be considered invalid and must be repeated at the student's expense.

Pregnancy Testing

If a student wishes to have a pregnancy test done, they must make an appointment by calling (585) 385-8280. They will be seen by a provider and the test will be performed if indicated. All visits are completely confidential.

Urinary Tract Infection Testing

If a student wishes to be seen for a urinary tract infection, they must make an appointment by calling us at (585) 385-8280.

STD Testing

STD testing is done by appointment and at the student's request. There is a fee for all lab work that is done. The students insurance can be billed, or the student may chose to self-pay for the services. Pricing is available by request. Testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia can be done by obtaining a urine sample from both males and females. The patient should not have urinated for one hour before giving this sample. Results of the gonorrhea and chlamydia testing will be called or emailed to the student if negative. For positive results, the student must return for an appointment. Call (585) 385-8280 for appointment. All testing is completely confidential.

HIV Testing

Testing for HIV is done by a blood draw and samples are sent to the lab. There will be a fee for this lab service as well. HIV results must be given in person regardless of whether the test is negative or positive. The student should make an appointment to return to the Wellness Center in one week for test results. This appointment should be made with the same provider that they originally saw for the testing. Once a semester, Aids Rochester comes and does oral HIV testing that requires only a swab of the mouth. Emails will be sent to all students prior to this event. Call (585) 385-8280 for an appointment. All testing is completely confidential.

Rapid Strep Testing

The Wellness Center does perform rapid strep tests. The student must make an appointment to be seen by a provider. If the providers feels the rapid strep test is needed, it will be obtained.

Rapid Mono Testing

The Wellness Center does perform rapid mono tests. The student must make an appointment to be seen by a provider. If the provider feels the test is needed, it will be obtained.

Laboratory Services

The Wellness Center contracts with an outside laboratory (ACM Medical Lab) to perform routine screening tests. There is a charge for this service and the students health insurance will be billed for any lab work that they receive. If the student does not have insurance, the lab will bill the student directly under a lower student pricing scale. The nurse will draw routine lab work ordered by a student's physician or a Wellness Center provider. The student should make an appointment for lab work needed by calling (585) 385-8280.

Reproductive Health

Birth control options can be discussed with one of the providers at a scheduled appointment. The providers can write prescriptions for birth control as indicated after having assessed the individual. Pap smears are also done by appointment with the nurse practitioners. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (585) 385-8280.



The measles/mumps/rubella vaccine is given to those students requiring it to comply with New York State regulations. The student should call to make an appointment at (585) 385-8280.

Flu Shots

Flu vaccine clinics are held in October/November each year on campus. An email will be sent to all students prior to these clinics. The fee for the yearly flu vaccine will be included in the email as it is subject to change each year.

More information about the flu

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccines are provided for EMPLOYEES requesting it under OSHA regulations. Please call for an appointment at (585) 385-8280.

Prescription Delivery Service

The Wellness Center and Wegmans Country Club Plaza have implemented a prescription delivery service. If the student is seen in the Wellness Center and requires a prescription, the medicine will be called in to the Wegmans pharmacy, the student will sign insurance and release forms, and then the student will call the pharmacy to make payment arrangements. All prescriptions called into the pharmacy before 3:00 p.m. will be delivered to the Wellness Center for student pick up by 5:00 p.m. Also, if the student needs to fill a prescription that was not given in the Wellness Center, they may call Wegmans directly at (585) 586-7922 to arrange for payment and delivery to the Wellness Center.

Health Updates

Pharmacy Updates

Students requiring a pharmacy update and/or tuberculin testing should call the Wellness Center at (585) 385-8280 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. A limited number of spots are available on a daily basis.

Sports Updates

Athletes who need to have a sports update should call the Wellness Center as soon as possible to schedule this. We have a limited number of sports update appointments available on a daily basis and these are scheduled on a first come-first served basis. You can make an appointment by calling us at (585) 385-8280.

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