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In PowerPoint 2010 manage files in the Backstage view, collaborate with others on your presentations will increase productivity through the new Co-authoring feature. Organize your slides into sections making it easier to navigate large slide decks and merge and compare presentations instantly are just a few of the new features in 2010. No more missing files as you move your presentation when you embed, edit or play a video; they become part of the presentation file. Picture effects, enhanced cropping tools and removing the background from a picture are a few of the advanced picture editing options in 2010. A new way to distribute your presentation by turning it into a video and save it as a video file is another way Microsoft is addressing the online environment. Additionally, a new type of SmartArt graphics lets you tell a story with pictures and transitions with 3-D motion effects will truly fascinate audiences.

MS PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced topics

Course Description: Looping Presentation & Link to Main Presentation

This course is designed for users to create a looping presentation that will continue to run while your audience is entering and link to your main presentation by using transparent hyperlinked buttons and other advanced options in PowerPoint. In addition, learn how to loop a motion path (animation) on a slide adding an extra level of pizzazz to your presentation. Please have a PowerPoint presentation to work with during training session.

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