Food Co-ops

Have you ever thought about joining a co-op? Find out more information about The Good Food Collective, a local co-op offering membership programs that bring you local, sustainable foods from farmers in our area.


Fit Tips:

  • Eating healthy snacks during the day can help keep your metabolism going throughout your day and help stop the urge to eat in the evening.
  • Breathing correctly while exercising helps ignite the burning of fat.
  • People who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and generally feel better throughout the day.
  • Keeping a record of your workouts will help you to push yourself, and see your progress. (Healthy Rewards!)
  • It is important to use proper form and technique when exercising, especially when your muscles are fatigued. If you fail to do this, there is a higher risk of injury.
  • Washing the car for 20 minutes will burn 100 calories for a 150 pound person.



Vegetables, Knife, Fork, & Plate

Cooking with Joel!

Thanks for attending the Cooking with Joel session - enjoy his healthy back-to-school recipes!

Best 10 Apps for Losing Weight and Counting Calories:

Lose It! • Calorie Tracker • Health Cubby • Myfitnesspal • Daily Burners • Smoothie Selector • Food Planner Lite • VeganXpress • Slim Down Shopping List • The Carrot

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