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Preschool Room

Lead Teacher: Mrs. O | Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Ross

September 2016

Daily calendar for Preschool Room







Theme: Welcome to School!


We will read the book "David Goes to School" and then establish our classroom rules together!


The children will go on a tour of our classroom and learn about the different learning centers around the room!


We will learn some "get to know each other songs" and play some "name games!"


We will sing The Wheels on the Bus and the children will make school buses from many different shapes!

*Pizza Day


Theme: All About Me!

We will read the story I Like Me! and the class will draw their beginning of the year self-portraits to display in the classroom!

We will trace each child's body and then decorate the drawings!


We will read the book Chrysanthemum and then graph the letters in each child's name!

The children will make invisible paintings of their names to hang on our classroom walls!


The children will make their own pictures and then we will graph their pictures according to their hair color!

The class will make flower face self-portraits!


The class will study their fingerprints with a magnifying glass after stamping them!

The children will make personalized mirrors with their reflections in them!

*Pizza Day


The children will share their "All About Me" pages before the pages are placed in our classroom book-nook!

The class will make edible "All About Me" faces!


Theme: Family!

The children will bring in a family photo to share with their classmates!

The children will trace each member of their family’s hands and bring the hands cut-outs back to school!


The children will glue their family's hand prints together and we will make a poster out of them!

We will graph the members in each child’s family!


The children will make tongue depressor and popsicle stick figures of each member of their family!

*Pizza Day


The class will construct their house from different paper shapes!


The class will graph the different pets each family has.

The children will make their own pet rock to bring home!


Theme: Apples!

The class will learn a new apple poem and paint using real apples!

The children will make apple picture frames!


The class will sample different colored apples and we will sort and graph the children's favorite tasting apples!

*Pizza Day


The children will make paper plate apple cores!

The children will make apple pie scented playdough!


We will read Ten Apples Up On Top and make a craft to go along with the story!


The children will use their hands to make apple trees!

The class will make applesauce to enjoy at snack time!

Notes from the Preschool Room

Welcome to the St. John Fisher College Early Learning Center’s Pre-School room! I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child this school year!

I have many fun and exciting plans for the 2015-2016 school year. We will begin the year getting to know one another and learning the classroom routine. We will also learn about each other through our “All About Me” and “Family” units.

In your child’s mailbox you will find a large white sheet of construction paper. Your child’s name will need to be written somewhere on his/her paper. Please have your child decorate the page with photographs or drawings of him/herself with their family, friends, a family pet, favorite foods, activities they enjoy doing, etc. I would like to have all of the papers returned by Friday, September 9th. This activity will give the children an opportunity to share a little bit about themselves with the rest of the class. I will be compiling the pages into a book, and will be placing the book in our classroom book-nook for the children to enjoy.

I have attached a copy of our September calendar which includes our weekly themes, along with the activities we will be doing each day. It’s going to be a great year!

Mrs. Rebecca Ognenovski

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