Cardinal Cash

Accessing Cardinal Cash and Meal Plan Balances

Cardinal Cash is a prepaid declining balance spending account tied to your Fisher ID card. It is accepted at all dining locations, the College Bookstore, and vending machines. It can also be used for printing if you exhaust your printing allowance for the term. It is designed to help students, faculty, and staff eliminate the need to carry cash on campus. There are no costs involved in using the account.

Cardinal Cash balances will stay with you until you graduate or terminate all affiliations with the College. At that time, your balance will be refunded to you if it is greater than $10. The use of the Cardinal Cash account is governed by the Cardinal Cash Terms & Conditions [pdf]. By adding value, or using your Cardinal Cash account, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in this agreement. Please read this document thoroughly.

Benefits of Cardinal Cash

  • Acceptance - Accepted at all dining locations, the College Bookstore, vending machines, and computer labs for printing on campus.
  • Convenient – Make purchases with your Fisher ID card. No need to carry cash, exact change, or debit/credit cards.
  • Pre-paid – Only spend what you have. Add value to or use your account with no additional costs, interest or fees. Purchases made with your card are deducted from your available balance immediately.
  • Fast & Easy to Use – Just present your ID to the cashier or swipe it at a vending machine! With one click students can use Cardinal Cash funds if they exhaust their printing credit.
  • Balances – View your Cardinal Cash and meal plan balances on the Cardinal Cash website or with the GET Mobile App on your Android or iOS phone.
  • Easy to Add Value – Add funds to your account on the Cardinal Cash website 24/7 with a credit card, on the GET Mobile App or via check by mail or by phone. Parents and guest users can add funds online to your account. Funds can also be added at Student Accounts via cash or check or transferred from a credit balance on your student account. Any dollar amount between $10.00 and $800.00 can be added.
  • Safe & Secure – If you lose your ID card, the value will be transferred to a new card.
  • Value Carries Over – Cardinal Cash funds carry over from semester to semester and year to year as long as you remain a student, faculty, or staff member at St. John Fisher College.

How do you add funds to Cardinal Cash?

Adding money to your Cardinal Cash account is easy!

OPTION 1: Add money using a credit card with the Cardinal Cash website or on the GET app. You can even request funds from a parent (or other person) with the click of a button. The recipient will receive an email message from you with a link to this site with your ID# populated. Credit card information can be stored for quick replenishment for future use.

OPTION 2: Add money with cash or check at Student Accounts.

OPTION 3: Transfer anticipated credits from your student account. You may add value to your Cardinal Cash account by transferring anticipated credits from your student account using the Cardinal Cash Transfer Request form. This form can be submitted electronically through Fish 'R' Net by selecting 'Payment and Billing Information', then select 'Cardinal Cash Transfer Request'. Paper forms are also available on the Forms & Documents page. These need to be turned in at Student Accounts, 2nd Floor, Kearney Hall during office hours.

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