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Exhibits represent data support for NCATE Accreditation and the Institutional Report. Exhibits are listed for each standard.

Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions

Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other school professionals know and demonstrate the content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and skills, pedagogical and professional knowledge and skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

Standard 1 Exhibits

1.1 - State Licensure Test Scores Aggregated by Program Area and Reported Over Several Years

1.1A - Summaries

1.1B - Title II Data

1.1C - Initial Candidate Test Scores

1.1D - Educational Leadership Candidate Test Scores

1.2 - List of Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions Expected Upon Completion of Programs (cross listed with Exhibit 2.11, 4.15, and 5.19)

1.3 - Program Review Documents (cross listed with Exhibit 3.18 and 5.20; also in AIMS)

Undergraduate Special Education (CEC) - Report, Results, Response

Graduate Special Education Dual/Initial (CEC) - Report, Results, Response

Graduate Special Education Initial/Professional (CEC) - Report, Results, Response

Undergraduate Social Studies (NCSS) - Report, Results

Graduate Social Studies (NCSS) - Report, Results, Response

Undergraduate Science (NSTA) - Report, Results, Response

Graduate Science (NSTA) - Report, Results, Response

Undergraduate Mathematics (NCTM) - Report, Results

Graduate Mathematics (NCTM) - Report, Results, Response

Undergraduate Languages Other Than English (ACTFL) - Report, Results

Undergraduate English (NCTE) - Report, Results, Response

Graduate English (NCTE) - Report, Results, Response

Undergraduate Childhood (ACEI) - Report, Results

Graduate Childhood (ACEI) - Report, Results

Literacy Birth - Grade 6 (IRA) - Report, Results, Response

Literacy Grades 5-12 (IRA) - Report, Results, Response

Literacy Birth - Grade 12 (IRA) - Report, Results, Response

School District Leader (ELCC) - Report, Results, Response

School Building Leader (ELCC) - Report, Results, Response

Graduate Library Media - New York State Program Proposal

1.4 - Key Assessments of Candidates, Including Those Used (a) At Entry, (b) Prior to the Student Teaching/Internship, (c) At Completion of Student Teaching/Internship, and (d) at Program Completion (cross listed with Exhibit 2.2 and 4.21)

1.5 - Aggregated Data on Performance of Candidates (cross listed with Exhibit 2.3, 3.10, and 4.4)

1.5A - Spring 2011

1.5B - Fall 2010

1.5C - Spring 2010

1.5D - Fall 2009

1.5E - Spring 2009

1.5F - Fall 2008

1.5G - Student Impact Rubrics

1.6 - Samples of Candidate Work (e.g. portfolios at different proficiency levels) - See Course Binders (cross listed with 0.5, 3.11, 3.4D, 4.16, and 5.21)

1.7 - Follow-Up Studies of Graduates

1.7A - Alumni Survey (cross listed with Exhibit 2.23)

1.7B - Alumni Employment Information (cross listed with Exhibit 4.17)

1.8 - Employer Feedback on Graduates and Summaries of the Results (cross listed with Exhibit 2.24)

1.9 - Professional Dispositions for All Candidates

1.10 - Candidate Support System (cross listed with Exhibits 3.13, 2.19, and 6.4B)

1.11 - Student Teaching Handbook (cross listed with Exhibit 3.6B, 4.20, and 6.1G)

1.12 - 2009-2014 Strategic Planning Documents (cross listed with Exhibit 0.10, 2.12, 4.19, and 6.20)

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