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Fall 2014 Courses with a Service-Learning Component

Students at Farmers Market

Arts and Sciences

CHEM 315L 01 & 02: Analytical Chemistry I Lab - Irene Kimaru and Kimberly Chichester
Students will conduct water quality analysis of local creeks in partnership with the Center for Environmental Initiative.

COMM 281: Introduction to Advertising - Kathleen Marchaesi-Ciaraldi
Students will create an advertising campaign to support the development of new Hart's Local Grocers in the East End area of the city.

ENG 355: Topics in Professional Writing - Jim Bowman
Students will create communication documents, reports, and grant proposals for VOA's Step-by-Step program.

PHIL 230D: Philosophy of Education - Jane Snyder
Students will support the client support needs of CP Rochester, Post-Secondary Transition Program, St. John's Home, and The Corner Place applying principles of social justice of studied philosophers.

PSJS 250P5: Social Change through Service - Lee Chase
Students will provide life biography creation for Community Place Seniors, life skills workshops for Melita House teens, and life skills videos for CP Rochester Day Hab program adults.

PSYCH 281: Learning - Laura Phelan (optional)
Students will provide tutoring through a developed behavioral learning plan as an integral component of the Two Doors Community Center after-school program.

PSYCH 255: Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine - Kimberly McClure Brenchley (optional)
Students will provide education on stress management, relationship of patterns of stress to health, and coping mechanisms to reduce stress to women residents at Melita House.

PSYCH 211: Society and Mental Illness - Ryan Thibodeau (optional)
Students will partner with Rochester Psychiatric Center to mentor clients with mental illness to enhance relationship and social development and educate on life skills.

POSC 232: Politics of Developing Nation - Sebastien Lazardeux
Students will apply an analysis of the political, economic and social issues of developing nations to assist the ability of partner Eight 4 World Hope to support self-subsistence within Jamaica.

SOCI 322: Sociology of Aging and the Life Course - Marta Rodriguez-Galan
Students will lead Life Story conversations embedded within an elder participating course using course-derived "lessons" and interviews to create biography-style reports for St. John's elders.

SOC 226: Sociology of Health and Healing - Marta Rodriguez-Galan (optional)
Students will apply a sociological analysis of health care and healing to meet the needs of Ibero American Action League.


EDUC 440 01 & 02: Collaboration for Inclusion - Whitney Rapp and Susan Flood
Students will research and present topics of need for parents of children with exceptional needs through a partnership with the Advocacy Center.

EDUC 229: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development - Sue Schultz
Students will create and implement a language acquisition and literacy development project in partnership with VOA Children's Center and Maplewood Library.

EDUC 350: C, I, & A Math, Science, Technology I - Lucia Guarino
Students will provide science and literacy enrichment to Derech Hatora School students using inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning in the sciences.

ITED 228 01: Adolescent Development - Linda Schlosser
Students will provide mentoring, academic support, and college readiness education to Center for Youth After-School program at Urban Choice Charter School.


MKGT 325 01 & 02: Promotion Management - Ron Sicker
Student teams will develop a promotion plan to address the client's operating requirements e.g., promotion, target markets, and communications for Teens Living with Cancer, 1872 Café, and Cobblestone School.

MKTG 221: Introduction to Marketing - Rob Vlosky
Student teams will consult with non-profit or small business "clients" to develop a marketing plan to address the client's operating requirements e.g., promotion, target markets, and product/services for Flour City Pasta, Water for South Sudan, and Advocacy Center.

GMGT 648: Accounting Information Systems - Mary Kay Copeland
Students will assist a partner non-profit with a variety of financial and accounting information systems by documenting processes and developing and performing training in key financial and accounting areas.

GMGT 680: Marketing Concepts and Strategies - Judy Graham
Student teams will develop a marketing plan that is customer focused and competitive for city-based small business, Real Life Food and Fitness.


NURS 314: Complementary/Alternative Therapies - Natalie Masco (optional)
Students will research and conduct an informational session on alternative and complementary therapies in nursing in partnership with Mercy Community Services Outreach.

NURS436: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice - Natalie Masco (optional)
Students will identify a clinical problem addressed in current nursing research and identified as a need by Trillium, a NP serving individuals with HIV, and present findings through a scientific poster.


GEDA 567: Effective Communication - Diane Reed
Students will design a comprehensive public relations plan to address a data set and a public relations problem or opportunity established by school partner. This plan might include a parent/student orientation, video tape or PowerPoint, newsletter ideas, student logo-wear/pencil concepts, etc.

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