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School of Pharmacy Honor Society Showcases Collaborative Work


School of Pharmacy Honor Society Showcases Collaborative Work

The Rho Chi Society, the Wegmans School of Pharmacy’s Honor Society, held its first Annual Student Scholarship Poster Symposium on April 24.

The symposium showcased student research projects that were done in collaboration with the School’s faculty over the past academic year.

A total of 12 posters were presented. Topics included:

  • “Erythema Nodosum (EN) in a refugee: Think TB.” Lauren Camaione, Pharm.D. Candidate; Peter Cronkright, M.D., FACP; Gregory Szymaniak, Pharm.D., BCACP; Elizabeth Phillips, Pharm.D., BAAP, CACP.
  • “Implementing a Substances of Abuse Outreach Program in the Rochester City School District.” Rachel L. Jarbe, Pharm.D. Candidate; Nicole M. Piette, Pharm. D. Candidate; Chirag Davé, Pharm.D. Candidate; Amy L. Parkhill, Ph.D.; Melinda E. Lull, Ph.D.; Jennifer L. Mathews, Ph.D.
  • “The Impact of a Gentamicin-Citrate (GC) Catheter Lock Intervention on Outpatient Hemodialysis Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infections.” Christine Hamby, Pharm.D.; Kristen Buczynski, Pharm.D. Candidate; Michelle Vignari R.N.; Miyako Newell R.N.; Donna Farnsworth R.N.; Stephen Silver M.D.; Edward E. Walsh M.D.; Alexandra Yamshchikov M.D.
  • “Effect of education and socioeconomic status on incidence of diabetes and hypertension in Pune, India.” Klara Manning, Pharm.D. Candidate; Kim Wilbert, Pharm.D. Candidate; Alicia Habershaw, Pharm.D. Candidate; Christine Birnie, Ph.D.
  • “Acute clinical conditions of school-aged children in a rural Kenyan community.” Nicolle A. Koester, Pharm.D. Candidate; Karen M. Parker, D.N.P.; Vivian Cunningham, Ph.D.; Christine R. Birnie Ph.D.
  • “Title of Project: Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity Health Fair.” Kyle Richards, Pharm.D. Candidate; Nick C. Schwier, Pharm.D. Candidate; Stephanie Stoneham, Pharm.D. Candidate; Chirag Davé, Pharm.D. Candidate; Nicole Piette, Pharm.D. Candidate; Megan Sullivan, Pharm.D. Candidate; Matthew Moruzzi, Pharm.D. Candidate; Asim Abu-Baker, Pharm.D., CDE
  • “Pharmacy-Student Outreach: Bridging the Gap from an Inner-City High School to Pharmacy School.” Jennifer L. Mathews, Ph.D.; Chirag Davé, Pharm.D. Candidate; Mohammad Mohammad, Pharm.D. Candidate; Gabriela Cipriano, Pharm.D.; Fang Zhao, Ph.D.; Brooke Lowry, Pharm.D.
  • “Individualized Reflective Learning Through Portfolio Use in Pharmacy School Education.” Casey R. Utter, Pharm.D. Candidate; Richard J. Bova, Pharm.D. Candidate; Jennifer L. Mathews, Ph.D., Melinda E. Lull, Ph.D.
  • “Collaborative Case Development for Publication in Pharmaceutical Press’ Remington Pharmacy Complete Cases.” Sara J. Micale, Pharm.D. Candidate; Andrea N. Traina, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCACP
  • “An interdisciplinary class project utilizing an integration of curricular activities for pharmacy and nursing students at St. John Fisher College.” Christopher Dubik, Pharm.D. Candidate; Christina Hickey, Pharm.D. Candidate; Matthew Morrissey, Pharm.D. Candidate; Elisabeth Schulte, Pharm D. Candidate; Anthony Corigliano, R.Ph.
  • “Environmental toxins linked to neurodegeneration and autism activate the brain’s immune system.” Jared L. Hill, Pharm.D. Candidate; Christopher Teijelo, Pharm.D. Candidate; Hiang M. To, Pharm.D. Candidate; Alexandra Meyer, Pharm.D. Candidate; Emily S. Micca, B.S. Candidate; Nicole Vaughn, Pharm.D. Candidate; Melinda E. Lull, Ph.D.
  • “Beyond Insulin: Liraglutide in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.” Adrian C. Hui, Pharm.D. Candidate; Nicholas C. Schwier, Pharm.D. Candidate; Melinda E. Lull, Ph.D.; Ritu Malik, M.D.; Jane Lyons-Patterson, ANP, CDE; Andrea N. Traina, Pharm.D., BCPS

The Society’s faculty co-advisors are Dr. Melinda Lull, Dr. Andrea Traina, and Dr. Parag Budukh.

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