Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Social and International Issues

Graduate Programs in Social and International Issues

Environmental Policy Graduate School Programs

Environmental Policy graduate programs explore the environmental problems facing the world today, from high levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to the pollution of the seas to the destructive mining of various materials from the ground. Graduates with a master's degree in environmental policy can become conservationists, environmental policy makers, environmental researchers and more. Environmental Studies Graduate School Programs

Students in Environmental Studies graduate programs learn about a wide range of issues affecting the environment, as well as a range of specific topics that comprise the catchall category of environmental studies. Graduates with a master's degree in environmental studies can become environmental policy analysts, environmental studies professors, environmental researchers, and more.

Family and Consumer Sciences Graduate School Programs

In general, a Family and Consumer Studies graduate program will include classes in child development, psychology, nutrition and dietetics, and merchandising, among many other areas. A master's degree in family and consumer sciences can lead to careers as consumer advocates, consumer affairs consultants, researchers, and more.

Forestry Graduate School Programs

Students in graduate programs in Forestry explore how to protect and sustain forestland in the midst of the development that often threatens natural habitats, while allowing people to enjoy the forests through parks and recreational facilities. Graduates with a master's degree in forestry can become ecologists, biologists, conservationists, and more.

International Development Graduate School Programs

International Development graduate programs involve the study of the history, culture and language of groups in a specific geographic area. Those who earn a master's degree in international development can look forward to careers as public health experts, governance specialists, research scientists, procurement specialists, and more.

International Relations Graduate School Programs

Students pursuing a master's (M.S., M.A.) degree in International Relations will learn about the interplay between governments, economic systems, labor and multinational corporations. Those who earn a graduate degree in international relations can become foreign affairs analysts, foreign affairs specialists, foreign-service officers, intelligence specialists, diplomats, and more.

International Studies Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in International Studies may focus on specific regions or may focus on culture or populations on a world-wide scale. International studies master's (M.A.) degrees provide a unique opportunity to acquire such an understanding. Graduates can become international educators, diplomats, international policy analysts, and more.

Peace Studies Graduate School Programs

Master's (M.A.) degrees in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies prepare students the practical and theoretical bases of mediation. Graduates of a conflict resolution and peace studies graduate programs can look forward to careers as communications researchers, analysts, educators, media directors, and more.

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