Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Counseling & Human Services

Graduate Programs in Counseling & Human Services

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate School Programs

Master's (M.S.) degree graduate programs in Applied Behavior Analysis aim to explore the scientific basis of behavior. Graduate programs in applied behavioral analysis directly relate to the fields of biology, psychology and even physical therapy. Graduates can become counselors, behavioral sciences directors, autism consultants, and more.

Applied Psychology Graduate School Programs

Applied Psychology graduate programs include any of several branches of psychology that seek to apply psychological principles to practical problems of industry, business, medicine and more. Graduate students who earn a master's (M.S.) in applied psychology can look forward to careers as performance appraisers, senior human resource consultants, employee relations managers, and more.

Art Therapy Graduate School Programs

Art Therapy graduate programs prepare students to help improve the psychological, emotional, and physical health of patients. Graduate programs in art therapy deal with issues ranging from physical injuries to emotional and psychological problems. A master's (M.A.) degree in art therapy can lead to careers as therapists, psychologists, researchers, and more.

Career Counseling Graduate School Programs

Career Counseling graduate programs focus on a variety of areas, including resource, program, and career development of either specific individuals or particular groups, such as those with special needs. Graduates with master's (M.S.) degrees can enter careers as school counselors, headhunters, career counselors, and more.

Clinical Psychology Graduate School Programs

Clinical Psychology graduate programs focus on the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. Graduates with a master's (M.A.) degree in clinical psychology can become guidance counselors, educators, clinical psychologists, social workers, research psychologists, and more.

Community Counseling Graduate School Programs

Community Counseling graduate programs prepare students to help others through the most difficult of situations with training in psychology, conflict resolution, consciousness and stress management. A master's (M.S.) degree in community counseling can lead to careers as psychotherapists, psychologists, mediators, counselors, and more.

Community Psychology Graduate School Programs

Community Psychology graduate programs are focused on human-environment interactions and the ways society impacts individual and community functions. Graduates holding a master's (M.A.) degree in community psychology can become family therapists, social workers, preventionists, counselors, and more.

Human Development Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Human & Child Development prepare the student for a career in either an educational institution as a counselor, or in a community or other government organization as a social worker. Graduates with a master's degree in human and child development can become child psychologists, school counselors, social workers, and more.

Human Services Graduate School Programs

Human Services graduate programs encompass human, social and public sector jobs that provide a variety of services to specific portions of the population. Those who earn master's (M.S., M.A.) degrees in human services can go on to careers as caseworkers, parole officers, social service agents, social workers, and more.

Marriage and Family Counseling Graduate School Programs

Marriage and Family Counseling graduate programs deal with the understanding and resolution of problems that uniquely affect families and couples. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in marriage and family counseling may become guidance counselors, family therapists, marriage counselors, and more.

Psychology - Counseling and Mental Health Therapy Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Counseling and Mental Health Therapy deal with a large number of problems, ranging from issues as diverse as family problems, self-image issues and work-related stress. Master's (M.S.) degrees in Counseling and Mental Health Therapy can lead to careers as therapists, family counselors, guidance counselors, psychologists, and more.

School Counseling Graduate School Programs

Educational and School Counseling graduate programs prepare, by the very nature of the field, problem solvers. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in educational and school counseling can enter careers as guidance counselors, school psychologists, grief counselors, and more.

School Psychology Graduate School Programs

Students in graduate programs in School Psychology will learn to work with teachers and administrators to maximize the efficacy of their work, when it comes to dealing with students and the educational institution in which they work. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in school psychology can become guidance counselors, school psychologists, researchers, and more.

Sex Therapy Graduate School Programs

Sex Therapy graduate programs deal with physical and psychological problems relating to sexual relations, and the professional and ethical treatment approaches to sexual function and expression problems. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in sex therapy can become sex therapists, psychosexual therapists, sex addiction counselors, marriage counselors, and more.

Social and Personality Psychology Graduate School Programs

Social/Personality Psychology graduate programs concentrate on the study of social behavior and individuals' relationships with others, groups and society. Graduate students who earn a master's (M.S.) in social/personality psychology can enter careers as social/personality psychologists, researchers, educators, social workers, and more.

Social Sciences Graduate School Programs

Social Sciences graduate programs focus on the study of human society and individual relationships in and to society. Graduate students who earn a master's (M.S.) degree in social science can enter careers as anthropologists, social workers, social science program directors, social scientists, and more.

Social Work (MSW Programs) Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Social Work foster a desire to help improve people's lives to a profession that requires a great deal of care and commitment to such ideals. A master's (M.S.) (MSW) degree in social work can lead to careers as case managers, social workers, counselors, and more.

Sociology Graduate School Programs

Sociology graduate programs examine the social aspects of humanity, including what people do in politics, economics, culture and scientific studies. Graduates with a master's (M.A.) degree in sociology can become educators, sociologists, social workers, and more.

Sports Psychology Graduate School Programs

Sports Psychology graduate programs involve an understanding of the various psychological/mental factors that affect performance in sports and exercise. Those who earn a master's (M.S.) degree in sports psychology can become sports psychologists, prevention specialists, enhanced performance trainers, faculty members, and more.

Substance Abuse Counseling Graduate School Programs

Substance Abuse Counseling graduate programs prepare students to deal with the most difficult problems faced by people, for these issues are not, by their very definition, limited to the psychological. Those with a master's (M.S.) degree in substance abuse counseling can become rehabilitation directors, drug and alcohol counselors, educators, and more.

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