Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Education

Graduate Programs in Education

Educational Psychology Graduate School Programs

Educational Psychology graduate programs deal with the instructional process and the ways in which students work in the academic setting. Professionals with a master's (M.S.) in educational psychology may work in academic settings as counselors or school psychologists, or as scientific researchers.

Liberal Arts and Misc. Arts and Sciences Graduate School Programs

In a graduate program in Liberal Arts, the emphasis is placed on a unified understanding of the arts and sciences, and on achieving a strong awareness of society and human accomplishment. Those who earn a master's (M.A.) degree in liberal arts enter a wide array of careers, becoming educators, researchers, linguists, historians, psychologists, and more.

Library and Information Sciences Graduate School Programs

Library and Information Science graduate programs combine the duties of the traditional librarian with cutting-edge technology. Those with a master's (M.S., M.A.) degree in library and information science can become library information professionals, digital media specialists, information systems managers, corporate information coordinators, and more.

Outdoor Education Graduate School Programs

Master's (M.A.) degrees in outdoor education focus on the development of people from the entire gamut of professional and personal experiences. Students will learn to maximize the implementation of outdoor education. Completion of outdoor education graduate programs can become physical education teachers, community recreation directors, parks directors, and more.

Student Development and Affairs Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Student Development & Personnel Administration aim to improve the all-around experience students have while enrolled in school. Recipients of a master's (M.A.) degree in student development & personnel administration can enter careers as human resource administrators, deans, college administrators, and more.

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