Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Law & Criminal Justice

Graduate Programs in Law & Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Graduate School Programs

Criminal Justice graduate programs typically span the criminal justice system itself as well as law, criminology, public policy and related issues. Graduate programs in criminal justice can also overlap sociology, social work, population studies and political science. A master's (M.S.) degree in criminal justice can lead to careers as probation officers, directors of corrections, detectives, and more.

Criminology Graduate School Programs

A master's (M.S.) degree in Criminology involves the study of crime and the issues, theories and research related to that area. Graduate programs in criminology frequently overlap with studies of the criminal justice system, and graduates can enter careers as forensic scientists, social workers, researchers, and more.

Emergency Management Graduate School Programs

Emergency Management graduate programs include coursework on topics such as the ever-changing weather patterns and the threat of terrorism. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in emergency management can become disaster-management specialists, homeland security agents, law enforcement agents, and more.

Forensic Psychology Graduate School Programs

Master's (M.S.) degree programs in Forensic Psychology use the skills of psychologists and apply them to issues relevant to the criminal justice system. Graduates of forensic psychology graduate programs can enter careers as forensic psychologists, forensic psychology researchers, professors, and more.

Forensic Science Graduate School Programs

Forensic Science graduate programs involve the identification of firearms, fingerprinting and DNA profiling. The field encompasses chemistry, biology, psychology and social science. Graduates with a master's degree in forensic science can become ballistics experts, crime scene investigators, DNA analysts, and more.

Legal Studies Graduate School Programs

Legal Studies graduate programs emphasize a broad understanding of the legal system, including how the system works, interrelates with societal change and helps people assert their rights. Those who obtain a master's (M.S., M.A.) degree in legal studies can become litigation support project managers, legal staff supervisors, senior technical project leaders, and more.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Graduate School Programs

Master of Laws is an advanced law degree designed for students who have already earned a law degree and want to specialize in a specific area of law. Those who complete a master of laws graduate program can go on to careers as government officials, law professors, judges, diplomats, attorneys, and more.

National Security and Defense Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in National Security/Defense Studies involve a range of subjects, including history, culture, religion and language, among many others. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in national security/defense studies can become government officials, security specialists, analysts, and more.

Paralegal Studies Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Paralegal Studies prepare students to work side-by-side with judges, attorneys and lawmakers. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in paralegal studies may find work as community legal-service paralegals, government paralegals, legal assistants, and more.

Safety Management Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Safety Management involve the study of the planning and delivery of safety services on a state, local, regional or national level. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in safety management can become loss prevention managers, safety and health coordinators, asset protection coordinators, and more.

Security Management Graduate School Programs

Students who enroll in Security Management graduate programs focus on security fundamentals, tactics for fighting terrorism, homeland defense, cyber-security and information protection, and critical infrastructure. Graduate students with a master's (M.S.) degree in security management can become security consultants, security architects, directors of information security, and more.

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