Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Community Planning

Graduate Programs in Community Planning

Cultural, Population and Demographic Studies Graduate School Programs

Most Cultural, Demographic and Population Studies graduate programs have a specific focus, such as agricultural history, international relations or indigenous people’s studies. Graduates with a master's degree in cultural, demographic and population studies can look forward to careers as urban planners, researchers, historians, and more.

Economic Development Graduate School Programs

Students pursuing master's (M.S.) degrees in Economic Development will not only engage in a rigorous curriculum of study , but will also prepare for a future whose work will be of incalculable help to communities. Those who complete a graduate program in economic development can become urban planners, economic policy analysts, city administrators, entrepreneurs, and more.

Housing Graduate School Programs

Housing Studies graduate programs analyze the relationships between housing markets and economic, demographic and social trends in order to develop effective policies and strategies. Master's degree holders in housing studies can look forward to careers as residential mortgage lenders, housing developers, property managers, and more.

Human Factors Psychology Graduate School Programs

Human Factors Psychology graduate programs involve research for the purpose of broadening the base of knowledge about human capacities and limitations. Master's degrees in human factors psychology can lead to careers as human factors analysts, engineering psychologists, aviation human factors practitioners, and more.

Interior and Environmental Design Graduate School Programs

Interior/Environmental Design graduate programs focus on the design of the spaces in which people live and work. Those who earn a master's degree in interior & environmental design can enter careers as interior designers, environmental designers, urban planners, and more.

Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies Graduate School Programs

Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies graduate programs can cover a wide variety of subjects including forestry, management, technology and more. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in recreation and parks administration can become executive directors of sport and recreation, public recreation administrators, parks superintendents, municipal recreation researchers, and more.

Public Administration and Policy Graduate School Programs

Government graduate programs explore how society is governed, leadership, war and peace, and political operations. It involves the study of ancient and modern governments and how the law and justice have evolved. Students that earn a master's (M.A.) degree in government can become politicians, professors, diplomats, and more.

Resource Management (Fish, Range, Forest) Graduate School Programs

Natural Resource Management graduate programs place emphasis on the research, management and conservation of the world’s natural resources. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in natural resource management can become senior ecologists, environmental scientists, natural resources area supervisors, environmental planners, and more.

Rural Sociology Graduate School Programs

Rural Sociology graduate programs concentrate on the branch of sociology that focuses on the study of life in the country and in small towns. Graduates with a master's (M.S.) degree in rural sociology can go on to careers as directors of policy development, legal advocates, natural resources research scientists, survey research scientists, and more.

Survey Methodology Graduate School Programs

Survey Methodology graduate programs involve the design and selection of samples and subjects, questionnaire development and testing, the design and administration of field procedures, and new statistical estimation techniques. Those with a master's (M.A.) degree in survey methodology can become survey specialists, directors of research, evaluation and assessment managers, and more.

Urban Design Graduate School Programs

Urban Design graduate programs offer advanced studies in architecture within the context of urban and regional issues. This specialty is generally taught by schools of architecture. Graduates with a master's (M.A.) degree in urban design can become urban/regional developers, architectural engineers, environmental designers, and more.

Urban and Regional Planning Graduate School Programs

A master's (M.S.) degree in Urban Planning can prepare you to meet the challenges of helping change to be positive rather than negative. Students are prepared to work not only locally, but nationally and internationally, and give you the tools to effect change. Graduates of an urban planning graduate program can become preservationists, city planners, regional planners, and more.

Urban Studies & Urban Affairs Graduate School Programs

Urban Studies and Affairs graduate programs involve the study of all aspects of cities, their suburbs and other urban areas. Graduates with a master's (M.A.) degree in urban studies can enter careers as building managers, directors of community development, facilities development specialists, urban renewal administrators, directors of land management planning, and more.

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