Career Fields for Sociology Majors — Business

Graduate Programs in Business

Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism Administration Graduate School Programs

A graduate program in hospitality management, travel and tourism administration will prepare the student for a career in the aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry that are vital for success and growth. Those who complete master's degrees in hospitality/tourism administration can look forward to careers as entrepreneurs, strategic managers, operations managers, executive tourism administrators and more.

Human Resource Management Graduate School Programs

Human Resources graduate programs involve the management of human capital in businesses or organizations, and aims to attract and retain a qualified workforce. Those who earn master's degrees in human resources can become executive recruiters, benefits administrators, industrial relations analysts, union organizers and more.

Insurance Graduate School Programs

Master's (M.A.) degrees in Insurance combine the fields of business, management, law, finance and economics, and involve the study of corporate law, investments, estate-planning and benefits programs. Graduates of graduate programs in insurance can become risk management consultants, human resource executives, insurance lawyers and more.

Labor and Industrial Relations Graduate School Programs

Students pursuing a master's (M.S., M.A.) degree in Labor and Industrial Relations may concentrate on management, human resources, labor relation policy, organizational behavior, or labor markets and employment. Completion of a graduate program in labor and industrial relations can lead to careers as human resources executives, negotiators, labor relations specialists, organizational behaviorists and more.

Non-Profit and Art Administration Graduate School Programs

Non-Profit/Arts Administration graduate programs center on the knowledge of economics, financial skills, grant management, art theory, collecting, and exhibition design necessary for success. Graduates with a master's (M.A.) degree in non-profit/arts management can become community arts directors, entrepreneurs, creative directors and more.

Organizational Studies Graduate School Programs

Organizational Leadership Studies graduate programs revolve around the practice of managing and changing people and organizations to promote positive growth. Graduates with a master's degree in organizational leadership studies can become directors of human resources, directors of leadership and organizational development, senior training consultants and more.

Quality Management Graduate School Programs

Quality Management graduate programs focus on procuring and ensuring quality products and services, as well as on the efficiency of each step, including design, development and implementation. Those with a master's (M.A.) degree in quality management can become quality assurance specialists, ISO coordinators, vice presidents of quality management and more.

Sport Studies Graduate School Programs

Graduate programs in Sports Studies involve the pedagogical, historical and sociological aspects of physical activity and sports. Other sports studies graduate program topics of study may include women in sports and expert performance. A master's (M.S.) degree in sports studies can enter careers as sports marketers, athletic directors, sports managers, physical therapists and more.

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