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This week’s Club Column features the Political Science Club and the Gay Straight Alliance.

Political Science Club

Q: What exactly does the Political Science Club do? How many members does the club have?

A: The Political Science Club holds debates on the topic of the day, whether it be about the issues in the Middle East or the presidential debates. Besides the six member executive board (e-board), there are about five additional members who regularly attend the meetings.

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: Every other Tuesday during free period.

Q: What are some of the biggest events the club is involved in every year?

A: This year, the club will be having big events for the presidential elections. But, on a yearly basis, the big events include t-shirt sales. The biggest event this year will be an Election Night event co-sponsored by the Young Voters Club.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from the club’s work?

A: The club offers a platform for students to discuss their political views and learn more about current issues. They are also able to expose themselves to other political views and educate themselves on important political matters.

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: Reply directly to the club’s emails, attend the meetings, or email the club at

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Q: What exactly does the GSA do? How many members does the club have?

A: The GSA is meant to be a resource on campus for any student or faculty member (if they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, a straight ally, or any other part of the LGBT spectrum) to come and have a safe space to discuss LGBT-related issues on campus, within the United States, or anywhere that feels relevant. The meetings are mostly discussion-based, with one or two major topics discussed every meeting. This week’s topic was "Stereotypes against the LGBT community.”

There are seven executive board (e-board) members, and anywhere from four to eight additional general members attending every meeting, depending on schedule availability, etc.

Q: How often does GSA meet as a group?

A: Every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Conference Room 3, above the Mainstage.

Q: What are some of the biggest events GSA is involved in every year?

A: The biggest event every year is the Drag Show, which is usually held in mid-March. It includes approximately five-seven performers, and the group usually gives away 250 shirts the week before promoting the event.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from GSA's work?

A: The GSA offers a completely safe space within the meetings, and students are free to be themselves when they may not feel comfortable doing so with the general public. All members, and just the general Fisher community, can feel free at any time to speak with any of the members about the club.

Q: How can people contact GSA for more information?

A: Email, or visit the group’s Facebook page The group also has a Twitter account (@FisherGSA). The GSA office is located on the second floor of the Campus Center.

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