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Calling NYC, and MTV, Home for the Summer


Calling NYC, and MTV, Home for the Summer

When Brett Vergara ’14 left Fisher in May, he went straight to the Big Apple, ready to tackle his internship at MTV that he landed before the end of the semester.

The Communication/Journalism major has made a habit of being an intern in New York City — he completed an internship with Atlantic Records’ Publicity Department during the summer of 2012.

In his role as an MTV Research Intern, he works alongside the Research Department staff and two other interns. Each intern is responsible for different things, which has given Vergara an opportunity to work on some very specific tasks and projects.

“The thing that has surprised me most about my experiences at MTV is how included I've felt in all of the different projects going on. I really feel like an invested part of the team,” he said.

Every day at the office is a little bit different, and Vergara said there are days when he feels like it’s impossible to take on all of his assignments. But, he also has days that feel slower, so it all balances out.

One particular research project he worked on focused on public opinion of rapper Kanye West. He has also taken part in studies on the “millennial generation” – MTV’s core audience – to focus on trends and behaviors that could steer the network’s programming and marketing.

In addition, Vergara has been invited to and participated in several high-level meetings, which doesn’t always happen in an internship. That is one part of the job he said he has been grateful for.

“I probably have around three meetings a day on average, and I'm not just sitting in the corner. I am actually able to be an active part in most of the discussions and that has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional pursuits,” he said.

Between this internship and his position with Atlantic, Vergara said he already feels prepared for the job market – a year ahead of time.

“There is something really invaluable about being confident in yourself and your abilities because of the experiences you've had both academically and professionally, and I am so thankful for that. It makes taking on the uncertainty of the world beyond the classroom a little less intimidating and a little more exciting,” said Vergara.

Vergara’s “right place, right time” theory, and his belief in fate, are what drive him. And his advice to other students is to prepare themselves in the best way possible, seek out opportunities, and take advantage of them all.

“We are the ones who hold ourselves back far too often, and then we regret not ‘going for it’ as much as we should have once the time passes. When I find myself facing a great opportunity, I jump on it before I can even give myself the time to hesitate and say no,” he said.

His next step? Vergara will head to London to study abroad this fall, and has already lined up an internship at Warner Music International, where he will work in the marketing department.

“It's a bit intimidating to think that I'll be interning in a completely different country and culture and part of me is terrified, but I have enough faith in myself that I can figure things out and really take something great away from my experiences over there,” he added.

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