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New Scholarship for Galway Program

SJFC is now awarding a $3,000 scholarship to all students accepted into the SJFC semester in Galway, Ireland program. Don’t miss this opportunity to study in Ireland next spring! Students of all majors are eligible.

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Fisher's Foreign Study Program gives you access to more than 100 programs around the world - including Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Go abroad for a semester, a full year, or a summer. You'll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and learn in ways you'll never forget.

And unlike other colleges, your financial aid applies to all affiliate programs!

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Maggie Dec

Psychology Major, Limerick, Ireland

Why did you decide to study abroad?

It has always been a dream of mine to travel. I was informed of study abroad opportunities before I applied to Fisher, so I had it in my mind that this is what I wanted to do. My number one choice of a place to visit has always been Ireland. The fact that my financial aid and scholarships were all applied to my tuition through AIFS further gave me the reinforcement I needed that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It took a lot of planning, but it was completely worth it.

If you could tell someone one reason why they should go, what would you say?

You’ll never have this opportunity again. Not only are you getting credits toward your major, but you are given the opportunity to experience another country. Travel is also extremely cheap. Planning a trip to one location in Europe outright is a couple thousand dollars itself. I was able to travel to eight countries within my four month semester and spent about $4,500. That is a lot of money, but I spent at least three days in every country and traveled all over Ireland. I could never put a price on what I experienced.

What was your most memorable experience while studying abroad?

It’s impossible for me to pick out one memorable experience. As I said before, I was able to go to eight different countries (Ireland included) and had an amazing experience in each country. In Ireland, I learned how to pour the perfect pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, venture around the Cliffs of Moher, and visit numerous castles and cities. I experienced Oktoberfest in Germany. I ventured to the very top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I was blessed by the Pope in Rome. I climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat in Scotland. I had authentic Belgian waffles and chocolate in Belgium. I was able to see all of London on the London Eye in England. I was able to see some of the most beautiful and unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, in Spain. The experiences and memories I have are uncountable.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face while studying abroad?

Although almost everywhere you go people will speak English, the biggest obstacle I faced had to be the language barrier in some countries. Probably the most nerve-wracking experience I had with this obstacle was in Barcelona, Spain when neither I, nor the group I was traveling with, knew the address of our hostel and we ended up in a location where nobody spoke English. Thankfully some of us knew a little Spanish so we could semi-communicate with the people in the area!

Describe one or two sights, sounds, or smells that help us understand what your daily experience was like while you were abroad.

The sight, smell, and sound of rain became a major part of my life. It rained 5 out of, if not all, 7 days of the week. I used to hate the rain, but now I don’t mind it one bit. One sight that I will never forget was the view of Ireland from an airplane. Before landing in Shannon for the first time, I remember looking down out of my window and seeing the most beautiful shades of green. Ireland looked like a giant paint palette of every shade of green, each shade separated by different hedgerows of trees. It was my favorite sight to see landing and taking off. I can’t wait to see that sight again.

What advice would you give to students who are about to participate in this program?

Go everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go. Spend all of your money. Don’t hold back. Take every chance you can possibly get. See as much of the country you study in as possible. This opportunity will only come by once in a lifetime – don’t pass this experience up!


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