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Club Column - Colleges Against Cancer and Biology Club


This week’s Club Column features Colleges Against Cancer and the Biology Club.

Colleges Against Cancer

Q: What exactly does Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) do? How many members does the club have?

A: Colleges Against Cancer is made up of a group of students whose main goal is to promote advocacy about cancer and cancer research.  Currently, the club has about 60 students attending regular meetings.

Q: How often does CAC meet as a group?

A: CAC meets every Monday in Nursing 102 at 9:30 p.m.  Each week, the executive board (e-board) meets, and on the second Monday of each month, the committee chairs meet to share updates.


Q: What are some of the biggest events CAC is involved in every year?

A: The largest event is the annual Relay for Life. CAC partners with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to hold the 12-hour walk.  This year’s event is on April 5 in the SLC.    

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from CAC's work?

A: Cancer is a global issue that affects everyone.  It can strike anyone, regardless of background or lineage. CAC’s goals are to provide students with information that can help reduce the risks for certain cancers and encourage people to donate to ACS to help find a cure to all cancers.


Q: How can people contact the CAC for more information?

A: Email the club account at, or the club co-presidents, Dusty Baker and Erin Beitz.  The club also has a Facebook page and can be found on Twitter (@sjfc_cac).

Biology Club

Q: What exactly does the Biology Club do? How many members does the club have?

A: Biology Club is focused on service, education, and biology. The club has a handful of events that include helping conserve the environment, doing community service by interacting with residents of The Friendly Home, and holding an event for professionals in the area to come and meet with students. There are four executive board (e-board) members, and about forty general members. You do not have to be a biology major to join.

Q: How often does the Biology Club meet as a group?

A: The e-board meets about once a week, and Biology Club as a whole meets about once or twice a week. There is not a set meeting schedule.

Biology Club

Q: What are some of the biggest events the club is involved in every year?

A: One of the biggest events in the spring each year is called the Speaker Panel Dinner, where the club brings in local field professionals.  These professionals include doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, teachers, dentists, pharmacists, etc.

Last semester, the club took a nature trip to the Wild Wings Bird Reservation and Mendon Pond Park, where members observed the birds and collected pond samples for later testing.

On October 25, the club is sponsoring the Concert for Conservation.  This concert is Halloween-inspired with costume contests, food, and candy.  The featured band is Big Tuna and the Fisherman, comprised of faculty members from the Biology Department and other Fisher faculty. The event promotes recycling and environmental conservation.  

Q: How can people contact the Biology Club for more information?

A: By email:

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